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    wedding 5/6/12

    Moon Palace, Cancun, Mexico Beach Setting Beautiful
  2. Were you able to use an outside DJ? I was told you had to use MP. Please email me directly on this. I have been wanting someone other than MP. Thank you!! xo
  3. Hi ladies You all seem so wonderful and I love reading all of your posts! Great ideas-Thank you! I have a 2 little ?'s I was hoping someone would be so kind to answer. FLOWERS: They just sent me all of the flower arrangements and their prices seem ridiculous. I know somewhere on here there was talk of an outside guy people had used and they liked him minus the fact he was late. Does anyone have info on him or a review? I don't like the free roses arrangement and was hoping something that popped color--gerber daisys maybe. all the boutonnieres, crosages and bridesmaid bouquets are going to totally add up. Any help w other options or what you ladies did would be great! Even hair flower is like $30-WOW DJ: I just heard back from the DJ service that palace resorts offers PSAV. I was hoping to pay extra for the DJ services for someone to keep the party going (a DJ himself). They said all they do is play a list of your songs...you have to tell them exactly what to say and when. They offer no extra props. What the HECK are you paying for? Someone else to push play on your freaking IPOD. Dancing and a fun reception is important...any suggestions you ladies have on keeping the party going and keeping everyone pumped up and entertained? Thank you ladies for all of your help! Everyone has had such great ideas!!
  4. This is to anyone that knows about the terraces. I didn't get much help while talking to the wedding coordinator. they sent me these tiny pics of the terraces. Vernado looked like the smallest one that is still close to the beach wedding set up at nuzic side. I am only having 26...what have you ladies heard about the different terraces. any + or -'s. Please help
  5. Ladidi...where did you do your reception. Looks like a terrace? I am looking into vernado (i thinkis the name. Smaller terrace. I am getting married on the beach at nuzic.side. Any recommendations anyone. Please help. Have 26 people coming.
  6. It is per room. so if you have 2 people book together same room for 5 nights each...it only counts towards 5 nights towards your rewards. Also those 2 people have to share the $1500 resort credit.
  7. Is Beatrice really gone...i have a phone meeting with her today at 11:30 mtn time! Oh and hello girls! I am new to this website and have sooo many pages to filter through-say 420 to be exact. I am a little procrastinator...getting married may 6! Thank you for the chelsea red idea...I am in contact with her now. Also...do you know about where i can get more info on these cute passport booklets people made?
  8. Did you make these passports yourself or where did you order these?
  9. Hello Ladies I am new to the site and I have a few ?'s...there are over 300 pages to this forum so I was hoping someone could point me in the right direction to get these answered or what your opinion might be to all or even just one of my ?s..Thanks! I am getting married on the Beach at Moon Palace 5pm May 6, 2012. I had my first phone meeting w Beatrice today who seemed wonderful. So you know my vibe.... on my wedding...priority--Fun reception...dancing, get down have fun, good food and elegant looking reception. Also amazing photographer. This is where I want to spend money. 1. It sounds like I HAVE to use their DJ...you can not bring someone of your choice...has anyone heard differently on this...cuz i wanted DJ Doremax. Also the resort has a light up dance floor...has anyone tried this? Any reviews on Moon's DJ? Dancing/fun reception is at the top of my list for priority 2. Has anyone used a Jazz Trio for your ceremony? How was it? We are doing the Complimentary package but want to upgrade on just the music. 3. We are looking at 25-30 guests...thinking cocktail hr on beach and then reception at Venado Terace...you can still see beach and seems smaller for a more intimate setting AND closer to our beach ceremony...any other suggestions on this? 4. Also we have to have a buffet(I wanted seated dinner but can't outdoors) any recommendations. I wanted steak dinner and something nice a elegant but I don't see it on the menu. Any other suggestions of Amazing food from their buffet menu. I read through the list twice and nothing popped...we live in CO and Family/friends from IA and WI. We like that midwest stuff 5. We want to have planned events before hand for our guests to all get together if they choose. The ?'s I have and wanted to know your feedback on: Welcome Dinner...what time? 7-8? (When does it get dark? I don't want to pull people away from the beach/pool or activities too early) What worked for you? Also for WD recommendation for Dinner and Drinks somewhere fun (we are staying at the Nusic side) This is people's first night and want everyone to let loose. (this is 2 days before wedding) Rehersal Dinner...Do we need a rehersal...i read a review that they really didn't do anything and it was only 5 minutes and didn't help out...help on this. We LOVE brazillian steakhouses and since we are all midwest people i figure this would work. Is it hard to get 25-30 people close to each other...any recommendations on time for this. Clubbing/Dancing. Would you recommend the disco club they have at the hotel or is there another fun area to have our group congregate and go out at. 6. We want to plan an outting/something fun for our whole group to do the day before the wedding...any suggestions on this. We are all late 20's early 30's and our parents are fun and cool! A lot of our guests (including us) have not been to Mexico. Was thinking FUN...definitely 7. Lastly, for Itinerary...any recommendations. Did you send out a little sheet in the invitation? Laminate? send it in email? I just want people to know the events before they come down so if they choose to participate they know ahead of time locations ect. I don't want people confused. help on this would be great...this is new to me! Thanks for your help!!!
  10. Dream Wedding at Moon Palace

    Pros: Service, ceremony/reception location-beautiful, photographer, food, flowers, horse/carriage
    Cons: wedding coordinators need more help
    We got married at Moon Palace 5/6/12. We had a dream wedding and would recommend it to anyone! We wouldn’t have changed a thing! We did the Nizuc Beach which was literally right next to the Tucan Terrace. It was the most beautiful setting I have ever seen for a wedding. We were thoroughly impressed and so were all of our guests, we had 27 other people that attended.  If you are contemplating destination wedding-go for it! Everyone said it was the best wedding they had been to and Palace resorts
  11. Nice touch to beach wedding

    Pros: bling, customer service,
    My husband and I were very impressed with the foot jewelry from Red-i by Chelsea. She responds to emails right away and is more than happy to work with your style. I got 2 pairs for myself (one not for wedding) and 3 pairs for each bridesmaid. Everyone loved them, comfy, durable, blingy, worked out great. Here are a few pics from the wedding. mine for my large feet ;) I incorporated their favorite colors into each of their jewelry to make them unique. You can see how it looks ve
  12. This is a review of:

    Ocean Photo Studio

    Ecstatic Couple

    Pros: Great phots, excellent to work with, invisable during everything
    Cons: didn't get to meet photographer before hand
    We both were amazed at how well our photos turned out. THANK YOU ISREAL! We went with the $1400 package which included 3 hours of photography and a super nice hard covered picture book and a book of like 100 5x7 pics all edited and a cd and all rights to all the photos. We also were given like 20 or so pictures diff sized 8x10, 5x7 ect of what they thought were our best shots. Our wedding was on sunday and we got these that thurs afternoon before we left. We were super impressed....exceded all e
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