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  1. Hi guys, I'm new here and I already started to post and answer some questions, but none of them showed up How long does a moderation take? Thanks, and keep in touch.
  2. Congrats, please post your experiences.
  3. I searched around the web and got the same offer. It's the best, thanks.
  4. Sorry if I'm a bit out of topic but Oahu is the best location for a beach wedding, I recommend it. I hope you stick with this wonderful location.
  5. Have you tried google maps? You can find lots of planners and pictures too. Hope it helps.
  6. I recommend Above Heaven's Gate, if you search Google, you'll find them easily. That's my opinion, please don't "jump".
  7. Congratulations and thanks for sharing!
  8. What a wonderful picture, can't wait to visit this chapel.
  9. Have you tried looking on tripadvisor.com? From what I know you can get everything there (the prices also).
  10. Good luck for next year. My sister had her wedding with Above Heaven's Gate and I must tell you that it was a wonderful ceremony and she was very happy. She was married in Oahu too. I've been on the island only on the wedding day, but it was enough to know Captain Howie very well. He is very sociable and you could tell that he is a wonderful and kind person. What I loved the most about him were the words of wisdom he told my sister, so if you can get in touch with anyone who had their wedding with them you'll see that he is a very loved man.
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