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  1. Hey The Royal properties have a North American office that may be able to clear things up for you, here is the free phone number 1800-466-1289. email weddingsales@realresorts.com www.RealResorts.com/weddings
  2. Choosing the perfect resort can be overwhleming, I have been working on a wedding at the Riu Paradise Palace for anther bride and they have been great and accomodating, sometimes a little slow on their replies but the resort looks lovely and I hear good reviews about the whole property. The Dreams Palm Beach in The Dominican is very nice too! I hope this helps, Petal Keine
  3. Quote:Ebay..is fab..you can find almost anything on there Originally Posted by capecodder I found some on ebay. Everytime I went to Michael's, they never had any either. I'm still waiting for them to be delivered, so I'll let you know once we get them. Thanks for sharing your songs Manda! Still deciding and FI keeps saying, I have everything all picked for that but won't tell me!! He's trying to be funny but I'm not enjoying it all! Lol!!
  4. Quote:Brilliant!! Well done, it certainly was the season for you! Originally Posted by lavenderlux Oooh, thanks for the tip! I love shopping at Costco too!!
  5. Hey Nice talking with you again Hope you had a good Christmas, sorry that post was meant for the Now Sapphire, Anel works at the sister property Now Sapphire and is the manager of the wedding co-ordinators. My apologise ladies Petal Keine
  6. Hey Anel is the manager of the wedding department and she has a few wedding co-ordinators, I have met them all, there all great!! and very experienced, they do great weddings and Ramon who I am currently dealing with is a Dream Petal Keine
  7. Quote:Simply Gorgeous! Originally Posted by Janet1480 welcome back MRS! you look amazing. I cant wait to see more pics. Enjoy the holidays with your fam!
  8. Gina and Yamina are still there, I believe there has been a re-shuffle and communication will start improving from this week
  9. Quote: Gorgeous !!!! Petal Keine Originally Posted by J and G 2012 Here is what she put together for me, I love them! I didn't really know what I wanted or how to put them together but I had to have the red Hibiscus as it's are major theme!
  10. the 6th person or 6 th room, I know the Now Jade is part of the AM Resorts, there currently have what they call a 3G promotion, this is every 6th room free based on double occupancy ( must have 6 double rooms booked) maximum of three rooms per booking and yes you can decide how you want to use the credit but it does not get awarded until final payment just in case you have guests that can no longer travel, this should give you 6 people not 4 prior to taxes, some tour operators even through in the air and you only have to pay the tax. Now Jade is a lovely property but it is very popular, if you see a price your happy with dont miss out! Later Jan is also considered low season so it will price better than May Hope this helps! Merry Christmas, Petal Keine
  11. I just posted another 59 pictures of this property in my profile, they should come up on the image Gallery under Now Sapphire, there is pictures of the rooms, ballroom ( plan B - but it's not allowed to rain on your day! so you wont need it!! ), some of the pool Gazebo and the other Gazebo (#3) they have one more, other than the pool and beach one... enjoy the pics, feel free to ask any questions NOTE: The Pool Gazebo has a swim up bar behind it, if it's a busy time it could be noisy or lots on viewers.... Petal Keine Merry Christmas, your wedding year is almost here!!!!!!
  12. Quote:Hi again, in my experience the group rates you get are usually better than any online prices unless your travelling in the next month ot two. Booking early usually gets you early booking bonus's and concessions with the tour operators, in addition to this any group discounts/concessions are only applied at final payment, :just incase there have been cancellations on your group), their terms and conditions are very strict in this matter and the room type and amount of people from each gateway are very important. Read all the contracts thoroughly. Originally Posted by Allie2012 Hey Ceciliag62! My TA is at Marlin Travel and honestly she has gone above and beyond to find us the best prices! My guests are paying $200 less per person than anything I have seen online, and because we have booked 40+ ppl, my FI and I get our room for free! I did a google search, there are 5 Marlin Travel's in Toronto! If you give them a couple different resorts that you are interested in, then they will contact their head office and establish the group rate. The only thing that was tricky was that to ensure the group rate the guests have to book relatively early. For our May 2012 wedding our guests head to book by the end of October; however, it was only a $300 deposit that they had to put down. Anyways hope this helps!
  13. Quote: Thank you for the recommendation, we love weddings and are always here to help our Canadian brides we like to think we make it easy for you. Originally Posted by kat2012 Blue petal are great, I would definitely recommend them. They specialize in Destination weddings http://www.bluepetalweddings.com/
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