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  1. I'm searching for Malibu overlays and chair sashes and also lanterns in the Malibu (Turquiose), white and a light yellow color.. starfish, both sugar and white.. and OTT bag items.. if you have anything let me know, you can email me at mlward0104@yahoo.com.. thanks and good luck planning or congrats on your amazing day...
  2. How much would shipping be for all of them to 25827. And the extra labels. Thanks.
  3. How much are you wanting for them?? I would def be interested.
  4. I'm in the beginning of my planning. Mine is June 2012. But I'm doing a aqua/ocean blue color and yellow. But I'll have things next year. I'll post on here what I have. I would also look at Michaels and hobby lobby for shells. I have found lots there for great prices.
  5. What all do you still have available??? I'm interested in the totes, batteries, pails, shells and flip flop cards!!!
  6. Hi there... I'm starting my planning for a June 2012 beach wedding. My colors are Blue, White and yellow. I'm looking for just about anything. Shells, lanterns, parasols, anything you have I may want. I'll look at anyones decorations to find that just right things. Thanks ladies!!!
  7. I'm looking to buy any beach themed items. Shells, lanterns, parasols, tote bags, favors, or OOT bag goodies or any item you may be trying to get rid of. Just show me what you have and you never know, I may want it. I'm getting married in June 2012, and my colors are Blue, White and Yellow!!! Thanks for your help in advance!!!
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