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  1. We have about a hundred people coming to our BBQ...it's on a Sunday afternoon in August...and I have no idea how much booze and water and soda to buy!!! Can anyone tell me how many cans or kegs they had and if it was enough or not? Thanks!
  2. I'm using Tai Flora in about a month but I'm having trouble getting email responses back. Does anyone have a good email contact person to try?
  3. Thanks for the info. Back to the notary and post office I will go. It's worth it to get married in paradise!!!!!
  4. I sent my documents to Jamaica via Fed Ex....it was over fifty dollars!!! Then I got an email today saying that in addition to your birth certificates, they also need notarized copies of the passports. Is this a new thing? I'm a little annoyed because I could have saved some money by putting those in the same envelope and gotten them notarized at the same time had I known they were needed!! My documents just say birth certificates and divorce decrees....
  5. Can anyone post recent menus at the other restaurants please? I'm also interested in reviews of the dj/bonfire for the reception... Thanks!
  6. Hey Iberostar Brides! I need help picking the restaurant for my rehearsal and wedding! Any recommendations???
  7. Hi! Where's the best/cheapest place to get these? Thanks!
  8. I got this menu from the WC at the Suites for the Gourmet restuarant Calabash, but nothing really seems too appetizing to me. Has anyone tried these dishes or can you suggest a different restuarant with a better menu option? Sheaf of Smoked Salmon Stuffed with Shrimp Mousse And Caramelized Coral Coulis * Fine Warm Cream of Wild Asparagus Soup Perfumed With Sherry and Truffle * Entrée Choices: Snapper Timbale In A Coat Of Spinach And Seeds With Creamed Mushrooms Grilled Lamb Ribs A La Provencal With Honey And Crunchy Leeks Candied Tenderloin Steak Tournedos In Red Win
  9. I had to bite the bullet and reorder lighter paper. My cardstock was 107#, so I ordered the 80# paper of the same color and shimmer and it worked!!!! Thanks for all the help ladies.
  10. Believe it or not I have the HP 3050 printer! I printed it on regular card stock and it worked fine but the shiny kind I got doesn't catch in the printer and gets stuck. I've tried doing it one at a time and tried helping the page through, but that actually made it worse. I'm going to try taking some paper and the flash drive to an office supply store to see if that will work. It's frustrating because I am soooo ready to get these done and out to my guests!!!
  11. I finally finished making my boarding passes, bought the supplies and have everything ready to go but when I went to print them on my computer on the fancy shimmery paper, the cardstock gets stuck and jams. I have my printer on the setting for cardstock but no luck. Anyone have advice? Should I just bite the bullet and go to Kinkos?
  12. It starts at 1 and goes until sunset, next summer!
  13. Hi girls!!!! I'm getting married in Jamaica and having the AHR a couples of weeks after we return. We rented a pavilion at a local park that has picnic tables and a fireplace and a grassy area with a beach volleyball net. I'm looking for pics of BBQ AHRs or any simple ideas for decorations. I'm thinking of white Christmas lights and maybe lanterns but I'm open to any ideas! We are probably going to get it catered by a local BBQ company. Thanks for your help!
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