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  1. Hi Elektrokitty, Thanks for all your helpful info. I've been asked time and time again how the planning is going and really - there's nothing for me to do! Knowing that Carolina takes care of everything just makes me feel even better about it. Would you mind sending me pics of your wedding? I'd love to see them My email is dawnlevesque@hotmail.com Also, just to confirm, we want to do a beach party afterwards as well. If we had 20 people, would it be $540.00 ($300 plus $12 per person)? Or was the $300 just for the DJ and not the party? Thanks, Dawn
  2. Hi fellow Calgarians, I thought I'd jump in here and let you know where I got my dress. I had a budget of $1000 as well (for my dress only) and I ended up spending $350.00 on my dress and my MOH and BM dresses were only $250.00 each. I got our dresses, my veil and a corset from Sunshine Studios. The lady who owns it is named Madonna and she is amazing. The store is very cramped but don't let that put you off - the service is great and the prices can't be beat. Also, I just walked in one day without an appointment and she had no problem with it.
  3. Hi All, I didn't want to hijack the other thread for Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe so I thought I'd start my own thread. Thanks for your help Oct 2012 bride and trivera5521 So the reason we were choosing to go with BPC was basically a price factor. Now that I'm looking at the site for the BBPD....OMG! It is absolutely gorgeous and I may be sold on it. The only reservation I'm having is what you are talking about now with booking the reception area. That seems a little weird to me but I'm still not commited to anything yet. Anyway, I'm thinking that the BPC is not going to work at all. I'm going on all the different vacation sites and I can't find that hotel listed in any of them. I can go onto the trip advisor site and find that hotel - and I can do a mock vacation but it doesn't give me flights. I'm not sure why it won't come up on any of those travel sites though and that gives me major pause. Back to square one. I just want something booked so I can send out my invitations!!!!!!!!!
  4. Oh, and just to be clear - I WANT to put a deposit down or something! I need to know this is done so I can send invitations. LOL
  5. Thanks trivera5521. As I'm looking around, I can't even find the Barcelo Punta Cana anymore on the different travel sites just to get ball park figures. Did you find the cost to be about the same, more or less? I didn't really like what the WC was saying at this resort. She said that I can book the wedding, I don't need a deposit but we have to book our trips now. I can't book anywhere this far in advance so it's a catch 22. Maybe I should be looking into the Barcelo Bavaro instead.
  6. Hi all, I'm trying so hard to weed through posts and am still a little confused on a few things. 1. Are the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe and the Barcelo Punta Cana the same resort? If so, I have been in contact with somebody different (Ariana Fernandez) than the name you are all mentioning. 2. Well, maybe I should find out the answer to my first question before going into a long winded post with tonnes of questions.
  7. Hi everyone, I also want to say thanks for posting so much info in this thread. I was thinking of Barcelo Punta Cana but FI and I just got back from The Royal Suites Punta Mita by Palladium in Puerto Vallarta and we loved it. We have family members who refuse to go to Mexico so I'm pretty sure we'll be getting married at GP in Punta Cana. We will probably stay in the Royal side because we love the extra service we get there but I love that it's basically like 4 resorts in one with different price ranges! We've been having issues with our TA not getting back to us and now are starting to weigh the options of doing it on our own. Now that I had a general look at the prices for the whole resort, we might do that even though we'll miss out on the group discount.
  8. Sorry, I meant to update on this thread but forgot. It seems I had to do a little thinking and changing as well. When I told her I was going dress shopping, I should have invited her along and not expected her to say she'd join me. The night before I posted this thread, I had my mother over and we took a few pics of me in the dress. I told my MOH but I didn't actually extend an invitation. We've always been close enough that I didn't think I had to so I really need to do that from now on. We got together for lunch and she told me she was feeling a little left out because I kept going ahead and doing things without asking her if she'd like to join me. She said she's really not trying to be a jerk but this was how she was feeling and she really wants to be part of things. So we made a date for this past weekend and went out and we ended up getting her dress ordered! Things are good now
  9. Hi All, I need some advice on this. My MOH is angry at me because I bought my dress without her. It was becoming too hard to do it according to her schedule so I ended up going on my own and found my dress. I brought my daughter with me the next day and we both agreed that I should buy it. I told my MOH, first that I was going to look and second that I'd found one I loved and she was angry at me. She has not answered emails I've sent her but she sent me one the other day just asking a question which I answered. She has not answered texts from me but she has sent me a couple of joke texts over the past couple of weeks. This has happened with her in the past where she has gotten mad at me and never confronted me. It would go on for a few months until I broke down and apologized (again) and asked her if she really wanted to stop a 25 year friendship over something like this. You'd think we were in high school and not in our mid 30s. I'm now to the point that I don't know if I want her in my wedding party anymore. If I have to stress about her being mad at me for this or that, I just don't want to worry about it anymore. We were only going to have one MOH and a groomsman. We were talking last night about having just us up there. Have any of you had to UN-ask somebody to be in your wedding party?
  10. I'm a 2013 bride as well. We've narrowed it down to February 2013 in Punta Cana but that's about it so far. I'm glad to see that we aren't the only people planning so far in advance. We just wanted to make sure our guests had lots of time to save.
  11. Well I've emailed a few places since last night and I guess I'll decide when I get some answers. Sunshine, I see your wedding isn't until over a year from now as well. Do you have anything booked or do you have to wait?
  12. Thanks JBean Has anybody used LaurieLee as a TA? Would you recommend her? Can I get thoughts or experiences? I did a search and it says that her name was used in this thread, but again 173 pages of over 1700 posts.... haha.
  13. I love that story and I'm glad to hear I wasn't the 'only' one who ruined a surprise! FI asked me to give him so ring ideas. I went out that night and found THE RING instantly. I didn't want to only give him one choice so I found a few others to put on the list of sku numbers but when I gave it to him, this one was highlighted......and had balloons and exclamation marks and hearts all around it :-D The next day he kept asking what it looked like. The ring was not on the website and I just couldn't find a picture on the net that did it justice. That night he had plans to go out for dinner and to a car show so I thought "I'll go to the store and get a picture of the ring". When I walked in, it was gone. I was (brokenheartedly) about to turn and walk out when I heard "Hey!" It was FI buying it!!!! I started bawling and said "Oh no! I ruined your surprise!!" I still had to wait until he actually proposed though He waited until we went to New York and he did it on a twilight champagne yacht ride on the Hudson. When he opened the box, he hadn't checked to see if it was in the slot and the ring fell out onto the deck. It landed about 6" away from the edge (that had no lip) and almost got thrown to the Hudson River Gods.
  14. Hi all! I'm just going to jump right on seeing as I'm part of this group now We are planning to have our wedding at the Gran Bahia Principe in Punta Cana in February 2013. I have a bit of a wait but I'm starting to look stuff up now so we can give our guests the maximum time to plan. Has anybody here had their wedding at that resort? I went through some of this thread but it's 172 pages long!! Looking forward to getting to know you all.
  15. Hi Fellow Brides! Just wanted to introduce myself as I'm sure I'll be posting on threads asking questions soon. My name is Dawn and I live in Calgary, AB. My DW (see? I've already done some reading to catch the lingo ) will be in February 2013 and we're leaning towards having it in Punta Cana. I've been looking at maybe having it at the Gran Bahia Principe - we stayed at that resort in the Mayan and loved it. FI's name is Keith and we've actually been together for almost 13 years. He finally proposed to me in NYC last month on a champagne twilight yacht tour on the Hudson. It was definitely a night I'll never forget. Anyway, I look forward to chatting with you and hearing about your ideas.
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