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  1. where do you live? Would love the sashes but unfortunately I live in Alberta Canada and wedding date is May 20th.
  2. I wanted to book the Catamaran tour as well for the night before for my guests. Have you any information or are you waiting until you arrive? Love to have what you have learned about it. thanks. Kathy wedding date: July 4th
  3. Interested in the bouquet or bouquets? More info pls...
  4. Great! And Congratulations on your day! I would love to see ur pictures! My wedding is June 2012. babygirlbuttertown@yahoo.ca Thanks. Kathy
  5. I had to keep emailing. The WC and accounting dept are not in communication. I even had to fax my confirmation of transfer from my bank AGAIN. Good thing I have a wedding planner here that had her staff call that spoke Spanish to clean things up. We had to sit for at least 3 weeks after we sent in our deposit!! Its frustration....I realise my wedding isn't immediate but you still want to plan ur budget!
  6. Does anyone have information about the cakes available at the resort? Pictures and prices.... Thanks,
  7. Great information! Could I have the package information from you! email: babygirlbuttertown@yahoo.ca Thanks in advance. Good Luck with your planning!
  8. I am looking for a fun cake topper for destination wedding! Hope you can help...
  9. Could I have those pictures please! Email babygirlbuttertown@yahoo.ca. I am gettting married July 2012 and need all the info I can get. Kathy
  10. I would like the price list or anything else you have received as my WC is ignoring my requests. My wedding is July 2012. I have 20 platinum suite rooms booked and will get the package. babygirlbuttertown@yahoo.ca Thanks, Kathy
  11. You asked all the questions I want answered. What was the end result of your wedding? Eager to know and any advice.
  12. I have booked our wedding for July 2012. I am not getting any answers from the Resort on prices and am getting frustrated! I would like to know why we pay for a bar service when we have selected an all inclusive package for all our guests. Do we select the cake? I have requested the Private Thai Beach reception but at what cost? We automatically get the free wedding package based on number of bookings that costs $800 but we want upgrades to it. Is it really per extra guest?
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