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  1. Hi everyone! Are there any new updates with anyone who has recently gotten married? I wish this thread was more active, I'd love to hear about everyone's ideas and timeline. We're officially in our wedding year now, I'm not sure there are things I need to be planning since our wedding is not until December, but it feels so much more real now
  2. Hi @@acosta! We're getting married Dec. 10, 2015! We haven't picked the ceremony location yet as we aren't 100% sure what will be best, so we'll decide when we get there... which shouldn't be a problem since they don't do multiple ceremonies at the same time. I can't wait to hear all about your planning!!
  3. I think if you're looking for a place in the world where everyone agrees with every body else you don't belong on the internet. I hardly consider voicing an opinion as judgment, but by all means you can all enjoy calling me negative and judgmental if it makes you feel better about the guilt you're obviously feeling for your decision. I will go about my way away from this thread and you can all go back to justifying your decisions which you clearly all need to do, otherwise you wouldn't have reacted so harshly to my response.
  4. I think you could tell me 1,000 different reasons why you need to have your legal ceremony prior to your wedding in Mexico and I will still not agree with it, but guess what? That's your decision. I didn't come on here to convince people why they should or shouldn't get legally married in Mexico, I just gave my opinion on the whole thing, and perhaps someone who comes here looking for the same advice will see it from someone else's perspective and may consider doing it differently. FYI a REAL wedding is in fact when the judge declares you married, if it were so simple to call yourself married without the law involved than why are there still people (gay) that are fighting for that simple right of the judge stamping a piece of paper?? Also, there are millions of people who get married every single day at the courthouse and that is it, and they 100% consider that a real wedding.
  5. I'm a little surprised by how many people are doing the legal ceremony prior to their wedding! I mean, it's definitely the easier route, but there are a lot of you keeping it a secret, which tells me you feel wrong about it. I personally would feel pretty annoyed if I paid a ton of money to watch someone I love get married only to find out they aren't really getting married. My personal thought is yes, we could save some money by getting legally married before we went to mexico...but your family and friends are paying a lot of money to come watch you get married, that means they should really get to watch you get married, not have a vow renewal. That's just my .02
  6. That's odd! I guess I don't really care if we're all super close together, I was mostly trying to save everyone money per room. I may prefer my family not to be near me, but we'll see
  7. That's very unfortunate I have worked with the same travel agent every time I've travelled, and I felt like I should go to her for loyalty purposes, probably much like you went to your friends for the same reason. THey seriously specialize in this stuff! Every email I've gotten has been professional. I went to them with the venue basically already picked because I'm a Dreams fan.. so she gathered the quotes and the specials for me and sent me a very professional brochure like quote.
  8. there was nothing about a 17th room free.. that's actually pretty ridiculous. On Dream Resort's websites it says right on there that it's book 5 get the 6th free. Keep in mind, the free room is the lowest room booked as a credit. So if one of your guests only stays 3 nights in the cheapest room, that's the credit you get to use towards your room.
  9. I noticed you said that you didn't book a room block... without the room block do you still get the "book 5 rooms get a 6th room free" deal that Dreams offers?
  10. Your review made me so happy! I'm so glad your wedding was everything you had hoped for. Maybe I'm dumb, but it seems like that photo slideshow is a random mix of many brides, do you have your direct slideshow? If you have pics, I'D LOVE to see those as well Congrats, Mrs!
  11. @@awright you're probably at the resort now, I can't wait to hear your review!!!
  12. I have a question for you ladies! Did you all reserve a room block? I am working with a travel agent, she has been fantastic so far but I recently lost my job and putting $1000.00 down to block 10 rooms seems like bad timing right now. My travel agent said that since it is such a small resort that she is concerned about not doing the room block far in advance. My wedding is Dec. 2015, do I have plenty of time to block the rooms?
  13. @@jrack your photos are fantastic!! Congratulations on the wedding and marriage! @@kdspanos I can't wait to hear more about your wedding!!
  14. I feel like a post hound here, I really hope this board gets more active has time goes on! Our date got confirmed today for December 10th, 2015! It's a SUPER long way away, but we have family that will do best with a large notice and I really wanted a Christmas wedding. When we decided to go to Mexico I knew I'd have to give up that dream, but I could always celebrate my anniversary around Christmas
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