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    We used Caribe and LOVED them....these are just a few of our pics
  2. Hey Pearl1118, I got married at AS on March 9 and we used Caribe. We had the same feeling, we didnt want to pay the outside vendor fee and were a little nervous about using Caribe but they were in our budget. We got them for 5 hours that day and they were AMAZING. Our photographer was so nice and talented. I have actually been meaning to write out a review for them b/c I could not be happier with my photos. If you want to see any or have an specific questions about them feel free to PM me.
  3. Hi jsal4 - where did you see that Matias Cano is an approved vendor? I was just looking at the ones listed on Lomas Weddings....I was under the impression that those were my only options but this Matias' website seems cool. Thanks! AnnE
  4. Mwise17 - you looked amazing!!! Did you do your hair and makeup or did you have people at the resort do it?
  5. Hey lady - I'm so sorry that your agent is stressing you out. I dont know what your contract says but I would think that they need to give you more time. We signed our contract months ago and paid $2600 (13 rooms) for a down payment for rooms, and we had until January 6 to get them all booked - and our 'group rate' is good until January 6 as well which is so helpful b/c we filled the 13 rooms and I know there are going to be more that book closer to the date. It seems pretty ridiculous that they are forcing all that on you right now. I'm sorry I can't be of more help - just wanted to let you know what my situation was so maybe you could go back to your agent and say "WTF". Thats what I would do Quote: Originally Posted by popo28 EMERGENCY!!!!!! So our travel agent just informed me that we have 3 rooms not booked and deadline is FRIDAY!!!!! or we will lose our deposits. Is anyone interested in booking March 7th-14th 2012?? PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE CONTACT ME!!!!! Has anyone else dealt with this before? Is there any way at all for us to get our deposits back? My travel agent said that she deals with a supplier not the hotel so Im assuming its LOMAS. Is there anything I can do? Call them crying?? Im crying right now. Thats 1200.00 down the drain (200pp was the deposit) Its so frustrating knowing that more people will book just not by Friday. They only gave us 1 week extension. Please help!
  6. We are thinking the same thing, beach ceremony with the reception at Zavas Plaza. The only thing that makes me nervous about that is I have read so many comments on how windy the beach is....but I guess that is all out of my control. My colors are Navy, Brown and light yellow. We were going to have the bridesmaids dresses be coral but changed at the last minute to Navy. It would be great if we could help each other with decorations. We havent even come close to deciding on anything like that yet, but I suppose the sooner we get going on that the better. We also haven't decided on a photographer. Is Claudia one of the choices Azul provides for you? Right now we have about 20 people who have booked their rooms. But I think more will book in the next couple months. Have you booked your flight yet? Which wedding package are you going with? Are you thinking a DJ or ipod doc for music? Just asking all these questions makes me realize that we have so many decisions to make.... Congratulations to you too!
  7. Hey popo28! Funny you say that about your issues with registering. We had the same problems. We dont own a house yet either and the first day we went out it was VERY stressful and we did not enjoy it at all. Then we went home, talked about it, went out again a few days later and it was all better and we actually were able to have fun with it. I live in Colorado but I am from Minnesota. I'm going back to MN in two weeks for two bridal showers and my bachelorette party - it is going to be quite the wedding weekend! How many people do you think will be coming to your wedding? Are you having your ceremony on the beach / sky deck? So nice to be talking to someone else getting married at the same time!!
  8. Getting married March 9, 2012 at the Azul Sensatori in Puerto Morelos.
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