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  1. Hi mishele81, That's great!! I saw there work online and there great. Your wedding video and everything else is gonna be beautiful!. We've set on SDML yay! I will have 7 bridesmaid and colors I'm not entirely convinced I'm in between a white wedding or a soft pink peach and gold. What about you ? Also what's the pricing on cinematic touch? I think I might want them too haha
  2. Hello mishele81 I strongly advice you to get a good photographer and videographer. It's a moment we all want to have as a memory and share it with our loved ones and next generation ..kids ect hehe. So many friends and family I've talked to regret not having put morr money towards it since some don't have that good photos or videos tpo go back to. Tell him how much it means to you to have a good video to look back to and if its way outta ur budget maybe you can cut off oñ something else. Good luck best wishes ...I hope you convince him
  3. Congratulations!! And thanks ...How many hrs is your open bar going to be? ....I'm debating wether to hire a wedding coordinator or not ..are you using one? What time do they start theceremony to start the ceremony and finish the reception? ..is it 5-10? ...sorry for the million questions thanks
  4. Thanks a lot we are actually wanting to stay at riu but didst know how good there packages were
  5. Thanks a lot for all you info. Was very helpful...where are you doing the dinner? any recommendation on event coordinators good and not that expensive lol
  6. I need the same info. Please ..if you find any let me know and I will do the same
  7. Hello What are the requirements to get married there ? Do u have the contact info on the priest? Pics? How far is it from riu ...sorry for all the questions ...I'm catholic too and wanna do the church ceremony as well
  8. Can I be sent the pictures too please ..leahnavarro.ln@gmail.com
  9. Thanks to everyone I'm also looking into sunset monalisa for the reception part ...I fell in love with there view but I'm trying tpo figure how expensive it is ...can go beyond my budget :/
  10. Hello congrats in your wedding ...I don't habeas info on what u need but I'm also wanting a wedding in cabos and was looking into riu ...what package did u get? U doing a reception? You must be very excited
  11. Hi everyone I'm also looking into a wedding at SDML can someone send me the pricing too ....are they very expensive ...I'm looking into a overall budget of 15000 Including travel and stay
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