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  1. I've just been looking at Jamine's facebook page and in the background of this photo, you can see the skirt of a dress that looks remarkably like the on that they told you they couldn't make. See http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=255341977861452&set=a.255341921194791.68096.134074349988216&type=1&theater
  2. Here are another lot of black/white dresses done by Milly Bridal: http://www.millybridal.com/a-line-sweetheart-embroidery-romantic-cathedral-satin-wedding-dress-wg1341.html http://www.millybridal.com/a-line-strapless-black-lace-sweep-train-taffeta-tulle-wedding-dresses-wg1026.html
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    Hi everyone. I'm a long time lurker and have finally decided to join. I am already married (happily ) but love all things weddings. Look forward to meeting lots of wonderful people here.
  4. Milly Bridal have made a replica of this MS Dress (it must have been a custom order, it doesn't have a train & is silver). Maybe you could email and ask for closer pictures of the beading? http://www.millybridal.com/halter-v-neck-floor-length-taffeta-tulle-satin-evening-dress-mpm00247.html Quote: Originally Posted by daizyduke Any bride used biddaydress.com? Any suggestions? recommendations? I want to get a replica Maggie Reese dress for my TTD. Any suggestions on who would be the best to make this dress. The dress itself I think it simple, it's the beading that | am worried about. I don't need it to be 100%, bit don't want the bead work to look skimpy either. I have read through each page of this thread, and know that some place are better at certain types of dresses. I know I would be spending a fraction of the dress's true cost (if bought "real") but don't want to loose hundreds of dollars on a gamble either. Thanks for any help you guys can offer. I really don't know where I would be without BDW.