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  1. HI Jess! Can't believe it's almost here! You're wedding party and mine are going to dominate the hotel that week! I have 83 people going, not as exciting as 163 but I'm happy with the turn out. How's planning? I feel like in a much better place but there is still so much to do. Print programs, Escort cards, Itineraries, my stuff for the welcome bags...etc But I'll get it done. What day do you arrive? We should meet up for a drink I arrive 11/6 since my wedding is 11/9. What are you doing for hair and makeup? I'm a little nervous about the wedding staff, I'm doing a trial on Wed and am trying to have a plan B too ugh, the reviews on their makeup staff aren't super positive :/ Any-who, happy planning lady
  2. Thank you so much for posting all this information and pictures. You looked gorgeous and you did a fabulous job! You're hubby is so cute too, love the TTD pics Quick question for you, where did you get the coral pieces? Also, did you fly in to Punta Cana or Santo Domingo? So much to do before my 11/9/12 wedding, your post is super helpful. I want to bring freeze dried rose petals for the aisle decor and worried about customs so I'm happy to hear you used them How long before you traveled did you have them. I'm not sure how long they last and want to figure out when I should have them shipped to me. Thanks in advance for your help! -Jess
  3. Hi Adesir, I feel you, we've had some close friends and family who can't come and it made me really sad. Thanks so much for the reassurance that their arrangements are nice. I looked at places outside of the resort but they are SOOO expensive for what I want. I need to scale back but the inflated estimates left a bad taste in my mouth so I think I'm just going to do everything through the hotel directly. Still have so much stuff to do I'm trying not to stress out! Good luck with planning and let's stay in touch so we can have a drink together while we're there. -Jess
  4. Hi Adesir8, I have 153 on the invite list. REALLY hoping for under 100 hehe! How's planning coming along. DO you have flowers and centerpieces yet? This has been my real headache lately. Hope you're well -Jess
  5. Welcome Adesir! I'm getting married November 9th so we're a day apart. Jess Lynn is getting married on the 10th. She's been great help. How many people do you have traveling for your wedding?
  6. Hi Sabrina, Thanks so much. That was really helpful. Did you get a package and was the DJ included? If not how much did you pay for then hotel DJ? Thanks again for all your help! Jess
  7. Sabrina, you're wedding was absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! Which photographer did you go with? Did you have a DJ? Booking DJ and Photographer are next on my to do so hoping you can give me some advise. Thanks!!
  8. Sabrina, you're wedding was absolutely gorgeous! Congratulations! Which photographer did you go with? Did you have a DJ? Booking DJ and Photographer are next on my to do so hoping you can give me some advise. Thanks!!
  9. Hello fellow brides (to-be), Happy new year to all and congrats to the new MRS. It's been a while since I've been on the site. Lots of progress on my end, most important being, I found a dress I absolutely LOVE IT!!!!!!!! I also have picked out the bridesmaid dress which are gorgeous. Date is booked, 11.9.12 but most of you knew that already. white gazebo is reserved and I'm working on reserving Oceana restaurant for my reception. I need some opinions for photographers, it seems everyone uses HDC, any other recommendations. I like their work but am looking for alternate options. Also, music is extremely important to me. Any DJ recommendations? I want a PARTY and want to have someone who's a good MC, who knows how to feel the crowd out and get them dancing! Congrats to all the new brides on the forum! -Jess
  10. Hi ladies, Congrats again to all and it is so nice to see some activity on the site. I've been reading through all the post and am so excited for all the brides. All of your ideas are amazing. So I'm in the beginning stages of my planning, just book my day November 9th 2012. I'm so excited and nervous at the same time. Step 1: Get the Save the Dates out! We had our engagement shoot a couple weeks ago so we're just waiting to get the pics back so we can pick one or a couple to include in the STD's. I'll be sure to update you all on my progress and I look forward to getting to know you all. I've added my name to the list below. Jessicalynneh - I have a feeling we're gonna be good buddies during this process since our weddings are a day apart LIST OF WEDDINGS IN DREAMS LA ROMANA anudrm (Selina) 12 November 2011 DreamsBride2011 (Katie) November 11th, 2011 (reception November 12th, 2011) Sabrina December 17, 2011 Chanelo February 24th 2012 Amurka 6th March 2012 Cynthia (CynMay2012) - May 4th 2012 brendee2005 May 5th, 2012 soccer1615 July 5th 2012 Romana uk 2012 September 7th 2012 jess819 November 9th, 2012 Jessicalynneh November 10th, 2012
  11. Thank you so much Jessica! Congrats! I'm sure we'll run into each other at the resort. Thanks for your perspective on the Seaside Grill. I think we're going to go wit Oceana. Hoping to get some more pics from the WC soon. Where are you going your reception?
  12. Hello ladies and congrats to you all. I've been combing the site for the past couple weeks. Thank you all for your wonderful posts as they have inspired me to book my wedding in Dreams la Romana. Tentative date is 11-9-12, putting a deposit down this weekend, my it feels so real! I have a pretty large party coming, guest list is 140 people right now and expect around 80-100 to actually go. The WC (I'm working with Yanna) sent me pics of the Seaside grill dance space, it looks mighty small. Has anyone seen the space and can offer their thoughts. I'm also looking at Oceana as an alternate option, has anyone had their reception there and can you share pictures? Thanks in advance for your help!
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