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  1. Thanks all for your reassuring responses. We are still going to go with Above Heavens Gate. It does seem to be the best fit for us. I just jumped the gun too soon on thinking otherwise, its nice to hear good testimonials on them! Can't wait to be a Mrs!
  2. Hi all, Our wedding date is going to be next year May 2012, and we plan to use Above Heavens Gate to hold our ceremony... but online it seems as though reviews are good, but then on the other hand I heard that this Captain Howie is "weird" so now I'm a little hesistant if we should have our ceremony at that place in Oahu. We only put a $100 bucks down since thats all it takes to reserve this date.. We are only have immediate family, so we definitely want to keep this ceremony on the lower end of the price range..We will be having a bridal party of less then 10 people. If anyone has any ideas
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