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  1. THANK YOU! I had my bouquets made at a small home decor store in my hometown (Mitchell, Ontario). It's called Jillian's. I know she traveled to a couple Toronto tradeshows to purchase the silk flowers. I'm not sure where you're from, but Michael's (in Canada) has a great assortment of silk flowers that also look real! I considered assembling my own from there. Hope this helps somewhat!
  2. Hey EmilyT - no mine was not real, I ordered it off of etsy.com from a place called Untamed Petals. They hand-make everything, I highly recommend it because judging by the size of the flowers they gave us for our parent's boutonnieres and corsages the flowers are large!
  3. Thank you! I got the idea off of Pinterest...it definitely created an intimate setting.
  4. Thank you Savs! I wish we could go back and do it all over again, the exact same way!
  5. Hello future Dreams brides! This has taken me longer than expected but I'll give a quick overview and then send my full review in a few days. I just got married on January 28th, 2013 at Dreams and it was an absolutely amazing wedding day and week! My coordinator was Gina (excellent service and organization). We had a large number of guests travel to Mexico with us (89) so hopefully I'll have some insights to share for those of you who are planning for a large group. It's definitely costly but there are some ways around things! Our wedding day flowed as follows: 10:00 am - 11:30 am: Myself and 5 of my bridesmaids had our hair done at the salon and everyone was very happy with their hair. I got a trial two days before but it definitely wasn't necessary. I had a wedding make-up video done at home and we all followed that on the day of the wedding to do our make-up 3:00 pm: Wedding ceremony on the North Beach - this location was definitely more private than the gazebo on the south beach BUT there were still a lot of random people laying/standing around watching our ceremony. It's just the way it goes down there so I tried not to let it bother me. 6:00 pm to 7:00pm: We reserved a table at the buffet restaurant and they just asked that we tip them well...so we tipped the manager $500 and then our guests all left some tips on the table. This is where we saved a lot of money because if we had made a reservation for all 89 people at $15/person it would have cost a lot more! 7:00 pm till 10:00 pm: Reception (just a few speeches and dancing)...our DJ was Jorge and he was fantastic! We brought out own photographer down with us just because she is one of my good friends and I also opted to have silk flowers made at home and brought them down with us too. I have more details to share so I will post a more complete thread in a few days...feel free to send my any questions in the meantime. I've attached a few pictures that our guests took. Enjoy!
  6. hello already married Dreams brides, My wedding is in 2 weeks and I have a question about bar options during the reception. Our reception is from 7pm to 10pm on the Pool Terrace, and I was wondering which resort bar is closest to the Pool Terrace?? We have 90 guests attending and don't want to spend $4,000 on an international bar for 3 hours! (Especially when everyone has already paid all-inclusive)! If one of the bars is close enough then maybe we'll just have guests going there for drinks but I'm not sure...perhaps the first hour we'll pay for (during speaches and that) and then the last 2 hours people can leave the reception area and go to the bar to grab their drinks. Any suggestions?? Thanks so much! Maureen
  7. Hey Rach! I am actually in the middle of trying to decide where to hold our cocktail hour but don't worry, we will not have it at the South beach bar, especially if you and your party plans on having it there because I know our weddings are essentially at the same time so it would definitely overlap. We're planning on having it on the North Beach immediately following our ceremony so no worries! Did you say there are 3 weddings on the 28th?!?!?! I thought there was a rule at Dreams that they only hold 2 weddings per day... My co-ordinator has been so slow getting back to me since the CHristmas holidays, have you been having the same issue? I saw you were asking about DJs, we have Jorge I believe? I haven't seen anyone else post comments about him so I sure hope he works out. We are bringing down an iPod will all of the songs we want played as a back-up, in case the DJ doesn't have everything, eventhough we'll be sending a playlist beforehand. I hope your plans are coming together perfectly, I can tell you're extremely organized so it's all going to turn our beautifully!
  8. Hey Rachel! I am actually in the middle of figuring out our cocktail hour too, but we will not be going to the beach bar on the South beach, especially if that's where you and your wedding guests plan on going, I would not want to disrupt that with my group of 90 people lol. I think we'll just have ours on the North beach. Did you say there are 3 weddings all on the 28th?!?! What time is the other one at? And here I thought 2 was enough! Have you been receiving many emails from Gina? I have hardly heard back from here since the holidays and I'm kind of worried! I hope everything is coming together perfectly for you guys!
  9. Thanks! Yes my co-orindator got back to me and said it's a first come first serve at the restaurants. I agree, it's highly unlikely that we'll all get seated together but I'm pretty sure I don't want to spend $15 pp just to reserve seats! I can't wrap my head around it because everyone has already paid an all inclusive price to be there. Which restuarant was bigger, Portofino or Bordeux?
  10. Your beach set-up was beautiful! I am also getting married on the North Beach at the end of January and was wondering if you recommend the carpet down the aisle? I assume it would make it easier than walking in the sand?
  11. Does anyone have recommendations for the rehearsal dinner? We are planning on just making a reservation for about 25 people when we arrive at Dreams at the restaurant: Portofino. I'm not sure what the resorts rules are regarding large reservations... Thanks in advance for your advice/help!
  12. I know! It's crazy! But no worries because ours is over on the North Beach and the Gazebo is on the South beach! Thanks for your feedback McCree, it's good to know that other brides share similar worries/anxiety about the big day!
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