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  1. Jamaica Wedding Photos featured in the fall 2013 edition of Wedding Essentials magazine! http://t.co/k9PvaOa2UU Jamaica Wedding Photos featured in the fall 2013 edition of Wedding Essentials magazine! wp.me One of our amazing couple is featured in the fall 2013 edition of the famous Wedding Essentials magazine! Jamaica Wedding Photos got a three page spread (Pages 18-20) showcasing the couple's beauti... Devon did a wonderful job on our pictures! We were asked by a magazine to do an article on our destination wedding. Our story and pictures are on page 18, 19 and 20. Thanks again Devon, we will treasure your pictures forever! Angela and Trevor
  2. We brought our own, we ordered a bunch of shells and candles and shooter glasses, we also bought 120 sky lanterns! That was a really big hit!
  3. If you go to u-tube we are on there " angela and trevor wedding " sorry I didn't see this till now!
  4. Hi Andrea, I just got married at the Gran Bahia Principe, I used Devon Shaw as my photographer, he is amazing! I'll put my slide show up so you can see his work! when it comes up just scroll down to wedding photos. We used him for three hours and he charged us $1300.00. We got a slide show for everyone to see our pictures and a beautiful album with about 200 pictures in it! And he sent us a disk of all the pictures he took! Almost every picture he took was amazing! Good luck on your wedding! Angela and Trevor www.angelaandtrevor.jamaicaweddingphotos.com Angella and Trevor
  5. Hi girls! Good luck on all your weddings! I went with Devon Shaw from jamaican wedding photos, he is located in Montego Bay. He charged us $1300.00 for 3 hrs. He went above and beyond as far as pictures go. I put a link up in my first reply, if you click on it and scroll down to our wedding photos there is 6 slide shows! It was well worth the money! The resort we got married in gave 10 free pictures but they weren't near the quality of what Devon did. I wasn't going to get him because of the extra expense but now that I look back I am so happy I did! I wish you all the best in your up coming marriages! Xo Angela
  6. I just had my reception at the Pisces! It was an awesome place and would do it again. The only menu that comes with it is the Italian, which the food was above and beyond! Everyone loved it and we had 72 guests. I paid 1700.00 and it included the dj. They only serve beer and wine and you have to request that they continue to serve after dinner and they will free of charge. If you want hard liquor it extra, what I did was i got everyone to get it at duty free and they will serve it for you, they do charge a corkage fee but its still cheaper and better liquor. And they never charged me but I did tip them well! They stayed open an hour longer than they had to. It was amazing! Angela and Trevor
  7. Hi Ali, I had it at the Pisces restaurant which is a outside patio, I am so glad I had it there, it was perfect! It was 1700.00 to close it down and have a private party for 4 hrs but the manager let us go for about an hour longer! Food was awesome! Can't say one bad thing about it! Angela
  8. Not sure if your asking me or the other Angela! I used Devon Shaw from Jamaican Wedding Photos, The resort gave me 10 pictures for free, but none of them were very good! I found the resort photographer was following my photographer to learn some shots. And the $250.00 that Chandlyn is asking everybody for "new charge" I refused to pay, as nothing was ever mentioned before I went to the resort. They slipped a note under my door telling me to bring it in cash for my meeting in the morning with Chandlyn. If you complain about all the hidden charges that they have to the manager they will give you discounts. Angela and Trevor
  9. Hi Sarah! I paid 1700.00 for the Pisces the dj was included, I had 72 guests at the wedding!
  10. The rest of the pictures are now downloaded unto the slide show! Angela and Trevor www.angelaandtrevor.jamaicaweddingphotos.com Angella The reception was at the Pisces, in the photo's it has pictures of the Pisces reception if anyone wants to see what it looks like! The manager of that restaurant did a wonderful job! Angela
  11. Angela and Trevor www.angelaandtrevor.jamaicaweddingphotos.com Here is a slide show of our wedding pictures! Devon Shaw is the photographer! He did ans amazing job! Angela and Trevor
  12. Angela and Trevor www.angelaandtrevor.jamaicaweddingphotos.com Angella and Trevor Devon you did the most amazing job ever on our pictures! Thank you Angela and Trevor
  13. Angela and Trevor www.angelaandtrevor.jamaicaweddingphotos.com Angella and Trevor 1 Made it back! The wedding was awesome! Here is the slide show from my photographer Devon Shaw! His work is amazing! Everything went very well, the only problem was with our rooms. I wanted my daughter in the room beside me and that didn't happen. And our first two rooms kept flooding, my husband called the manager up to the room and we were moved the next day. Also we payed for an upgraded room and didn't recieve it! Chandlyn and Donnalee did an amazing job, food was excellant, weather was great I had rented the Pisces restaurant, it was the best right beside the ocean, the manager of that restaurant did an amazing job so did the dj and all of the workers.Can't stress enough how amazing Devon the photographer was! And very reasonable priced! If you have any questions just ask! Angela
  14. I am using Devon from Jamaicaweddingphotos.com as well! I've booked him for 3hrs and his price was $1300.00. Devon has been in constant contact with me regarding the wedding! I can't wait for our big day! And to see his amazing work! Angela
  15. Hi there! I am using Devon from Jamaica Wedding Photos! He is awesome and prices are very reasonable! I am paying $1300.00 for 3 hrs and includes so much! Here is my wedding site that will take you to his web site as well! www.angelaandtrevor.jamaicaweddingphotos.com This is the link that will take you to our wedding pictures. It will be on the web site for one year! Angela
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