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  1. Hi! I was the bride that was told that it would be too hot. We had our ceremony at 1 pm, cocktail hour at 2pm and reception at 4 pm. We stayed at our cocktail hour for about a half hour and then went and took pictures until shortly before the reception started. As for the ceremony, Courtney is right...the wind keeps you nice and cool if you are having your ceremony in the gazebo. I have curly hair and I had my bangs to the side and straightened and they actually stayed straight! It was after the ceremony that it gets really hot. We had our cocktail hour on the terrace and some people were putting their feet in the shallow pool in front of the terrace and some were in the lobby area of the tower at the bar (where the terrace is). That is when I found it the hottest. When we went to the lighthouse to do pictures it was super hot and really sunny. We didnt get a lot of good close up shots because we were so squinty but that being said our pictures still turned out amazing!!! The ceremony pictures are awesome too....Our wedding party was done with pictures a little earlier than us so they just went up to our room to cool off. When we got back to the room the guys had their shirts off and the girls changed out of their dresses to let them dry a bit. I fixed my makeup and re-straightened my bangs. Once we got to the reception at 4 pm (on Caribe beach), it had already started to cool down and I didn't find it at all too hot. When I first found out that it was "too hot" to have everything outside, I was furious! But I decided I had to figure something out and having my reception inside was not an option (unless it rained). They will let you have your coctail hour and reception at whatever time you would like. Claudia had told me I could also have my cocktail hour at himitsu restaurant. Now, having been there, it is actually quite nice and it is an open restaurant and close to the ocean. If I had to have it at Himitsu, I would not have been dissapointed. The biggest thing for me was the color scheme. I wasn't sure what Himitsu looked like and my colors were purple, grey and black. The restaurant is black and red, so it would have been fine. All in all, everything turned out awesome and I was actually happy with the times that I chose, even though it wasn't my first choice. I know if you choose to have your ceremony at 2 pm, you will not be disappointed. Keep us updated on what areas you can have your cocktail hour and reception. I haven't been on lately as we've been so busy with planning our at home reception and in the middle of building a house, but I will try to get on here more often!
  2. Jana- I too was told a couple months before the wedding that I could not use the terrace for my cocktail hour and that the beach was too hot during the day so I would have to use a restaurant or ball room, and I was soooo frustrated and upset about it. About 2 weeks before we were leaving, Claudia emailed me and said the terrace was available for my cocktail hour. I almost think she had me booked in the whole time and messed up. We ended up having our cocktail hour in the terrace at 2 pm and our reception on Caribe Beach (next to the gazebo) at 4 pm. I looooved the reception! It was the most fun ever! All of our guests absolutely loved it as well! I was a little apprehensive at first, not knowing if sand was going to be blowing into our food, etc. But it was a pretty calm night, and perfect weather. If I did it all over, I would absolutely have my reception on Caribe Beach. It's also quite private as it's such a big beach. Had it been crappy out, we would've had to move the party into one of the ballrooms. It rained the day before and 2 more days after our wedding so we were extremely fortunate. However, I think no matter what you are always taking a risk with the weather and the chance that you may have to have your ceremony and/or reception inside. I would try not to stress too much over it, although I know how frustrating it can be. I hope this helps and just know that no matter where you end up having it, it will be beautiful and you will have the time of your life! Here are a few pictures of our reception...
  3. My husband and I used Juan Navarro for our wedding and TTD photos and I agree with everyone else......he is amazing! Well worth it, you will NOT be disappointed and he is so much fun to work with! I booked him and about a week or two before we were leaving he emailed to get details about times, what we wanted, etc. We both highly recommend him and his team. Oh, and he showed up at our resort with 3 other people, so they get pictures of you and your guests from literally every angle! Here is a link to our wedding pictures that he posted yesterday.... http://www.juanphotos.com/blog/weddings/dreams-cancun-resort-spa-destination-wedding-jenna-craig-cancun-q-roo-mexico/
  4. Well, we've been back for a couple days now and I will do my review in the next week along with pictures. Our day was absolutely perfect! It started a little late but otherwise everything went as planned and the weather was absolutely gorgeous (someone was looking over us because the day before and the 2 days after ours it rained ALOT). I don't know if I am head over heels with Dreams Cancun, we had more than a few issues but I'll write about that in my review. I do have to say though that we hired Juan Navarro and he was absolutely amazing!!! I highly recommend him, it is so worth the money....I cant wait to get our pictures back from him!!
  5. Our wedding is at 1 also! What time are you having everything else? We're doing our cocktail hour at 2 on the terrace and reception at 4 on caribe beach! I tried moving the wedding back to 3 but their was already another wedding booked for that time We leave on the 14th but not until late in the evening, so maybe I'll get to see yours! Good luck! I'm the biggest procrastinator too and still have a bunch of stuff to do and we leave TOMORROW!! It will all work out in the end, don't worry
  6. I am getting married on the 12th of January and we leave late on the 14th! I'm glad you asked all those questions because I would like to know as well What time is your wedding, cocktail hour, and reception?
  7. Oh no worries, I understood what you meant Thank you sooo much for posting some pictures! I have no idea what she would do for it if I were to have the reception in the restaurant and I don't really have time to wait and ask. I think I'll just have to make a decision and wish for the best!! Haha... Thanks again, Leigh!
  8. Oh absolutely I would have it at 5pm! That's actually what I told her I would do as well, just hoping she send some pictures of the restaurant...I hope it's nice! I think the ballroom can be decorated to be super gorgeous....I think that's a great idea!
  9. Funny you ask! I had my ceremony set for the gazebo at 1:00pm, cocktail hour on Himitsu Beach at 2:00pm, and reception on Himitsu Beach at 4:00pm. I e-mailed Claudia yesterday to confirm times and locations so I can make up the invitations, programs, and menus asap. She emailed me back today and said that it's too hot too have our cocktail hour and reception between 2-5, and recommended having it in the Himitsu Restaurant?! This totally shocked me and kinda frustrated me, as I want a beach wedding and their was no mention of this prior to today....I emailed her back and asked for pictures of the restaurant. I really don't like this idea but would consider having the cocktail hour in there but not the reception. The ballroom is really nice but I really want to be outside. Being from Canada where it's typically -30 during January, I want to spend as much time outside as I can! Where are you thinking about having your reception? The ballroom?
  10. They were only $50! I actually live in Regina (small world) and they do have them here I'm a size 10, and they didn't have my size in this colour so they ordered them for me. If you order through the store, shipping is free and they deliver them right to your door! Oh...and I just got them last week.
  11. I had a shower and stagette. I found alot of people that are not able to come to the wedding were happy that they could be a part of it...I invited all my family and closest friends (ones that are and are not attending the wedding). I personally would still want to buy a shower gift for the bride, even if I am paying a lot of money to go to their wedding....but it's up to you! I know, it's a hard decision!
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