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  1. Looking to do a TTD session the day after the wedding and this pic is totally my inspiration! Anyone know of a good spot in Cabo to do something similar to this??
  2. Thought I'd share this link I received from the WC. https://plus.google.com/photos/116573344712050311859/albums/5765936899580207633?banner=pwa
  3. Hi there, I would LOVE it if you could also email me the pics! eviegurl21@yahoo.com THANK YOU!!
  4. Jess4219: What kind of menu are you opting for? How much is the Baja Norte and food costing you?
  5. I have the same question and am hoping the reviews for the hotel's ppl are good b/c i dont feel like rushing off to another location to get all that done!
  6. I would love to hear feedback on the reception situation,mine is in October and I was originally leaning towards the full rent out of the Steak house but then I found out that some of the guest will sit inside and some out. Can anyone suggest somewhere that can accommodate around 70 ppl, and a small area for dancing? I was leaning towards the steak house b/c the food isnt per plate. Help!!
  7. Hi there, can you send me a copy of the price list and do you happen to have a dinner menu list or pics of reception locations? eyespy84@hotmail.com
  8. Would you girls mind emailing me your pictures? eviegurl21 at yahoo . com I'm considering renting out the Steakhouse for my receptoin b/c I think we will bave 65+. What area would you guys suggest?
  9. What was your experience like? Did things get there smoothly? What shipping co. did you use? Any info related to this will help. Thanks!!
  10. Do you happen to have pictures of the steak house? We plan on renting it out. eyespy84@hotmail.com
  11. I am also considering steakhouse for my private reception. I'd Love love an email w/ the pics! ) eyespy84@hotmail.com TY!
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