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  1. Hello Ladies!!! Sorry I'm so late, but things have been hectic since I got married. I'm going to start from the beginning hope I don't bored you guys and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. ....here we go.... My marriage was on December 22, 2012. I am originally from DR and my mom has a house there so we shipped all my center pieces, OOT bags, anything that was bulkier with the exception of my dress. I arrived to Santo Domingo, DR on Dec 18th, pickup my stuff and my mom and on Dec 19th headed to the resort which was a 3 1/2 hour drive. The place was FARRRRR. When we arrived we got upgraded to the honeymoon suite, which was great. the weather was beautiful the food was good at the restaurants, the food at the World cafe was ok, but not all that. On the 21st we had the rehearsal dinner at the Oceana Restaurant, we just went and waited to be seated it was 39 of us and they put the tables together well two long tables to accommodate us at no extra cost. we were a little loud and boy did we have fun!! the waiter/waitress were just great and so nice!!! on the wedding day Dec 22nd the morning was beautiful, just gorgeous, my ceremony was supposed to be at the Gazebo and the reception at the Himitsu terrace. Right after I got my hair and makeup done (by the way they are great, they did my hair and make up just beautiful and they didn't mind taking it down or putting it back up if I asked them to) it started to rain :~( and when I say rain it was like cats and dogs, lots. so we had to move the wedding inside. so not happy. the ceremony was moved to the Himitsu cover terrace area, and the reception to a banquet hall right by the himitsu terrace. The way they decorated the locations was just beautiful, it turned out just great I didn't mind much that it was inside since they did the decoration just like a wanted and more. My WC was Yessica, she's great!!!! very detail oriented and she does what you ask. My cake was beautiful, the flowers on the cake was made by a friend of my mom, edible since they were going to charge to much. there was so much cake left, they said they will send it to our room but we never got it and then we just didn't claim it. Yessica also did the ceremony and we got the basic DJ, (the cheap one) and they were great, we could just go up to them and tell them what we wanted to dance to or hear and they would play it. We had a blast. My photographer was Caribbean Emotion, Michael and Pascal were just great!! we communicated over email and phone and they were able to deliver the picture to me at Santo Domingo since I left the resort the day after the wedding. they were just great!!!! I will post some pictures hopefully tonight, I can't now since I'm at work. If you have any questions please do not hesitate to ask.
  2. msvasq ** Thank you!!, I sure hope so. My main concerned for some reason is that I hope everyone has a great time. since I'm pretty much making them come. I will defe. take notes so that I don't leave anything out on my review. the good, the bad, and the everything!!!
  3. Chinanow** I got the "Dreams of love" package, silver menu and bar. hope all goes well. I also just got the basic DJ, my fiancee said since we only have about 30 people not to expend too much on dj. I am also bringing my own decor, and my mom is getting my sugar flowers for the cake, since they want to charge me a lot for them. I also booked Caribbean Emotion for the photos. I'm really hoping that everything comes out good.
  4. Sisters!!!! I'm so nervous, my wedding is in 10 days. and I am so so worry. I really hope everything turns out good. wish me luck!!! when I come back which will not be till next year, I will definetely write a review. Happy planning!!!!
  5. Can I see the pictures too? pleaseeeee. my email is ngrita22@yahoo.com. TIA
  6. mdf1us I asked that to my WC Deyanira if they could provide the menu and she said yes. Might not be as nice as what you would like to do, but she said that it wouldn't be any problem for them to make them. She didn't say anything about charging but who knows about that. This is what I asked and what I got back from her: Are you able to print a menu card for the guest?[Deyanira Aristy] we could print a menu but you can feel free to bring this with you if desired
  7. why didn't I see this before, I sent you a PM (finger cross)
  8. @msvasq thank you, I contacted my WC and she said that there won't be any problem incorporating them. I want them at the ceremony at the beginning of the isle and at the end, and if they can incorporate them somewhere in the reception, but I'm focusing on them being at the ceremony. I still don't know how, but I hope is not ugly. LOL
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