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    Sky Lanterns!

    What a fantastic idea!!!!!! It looks beautiful in pictures!!! The wedding video was amazing!!!! I fell in love with you guys!! haha congrats!!! just love this idea...we are looking into video as well, did they travel with you?
  2. STUNNING! you looked beautiful!! Who did you hire for your hair? LOVED this wedding video!!! Did they travel with you?
  3. TashnFrank


    That is such a great idea!!!! I absolutley love it!!!!
  4. TashnFrank

    Newbie planning for 2012 at Gran Caribe Cancun

    Gran Caribe Cancun is GREAT! happy planning!
  5. TashnFrank

    Hair and make-up artist??

    Im just wondering if anyone has heard of Krystie Ann??? I was referred to her, but wondering if any other future mexico destination brides have heard of her or booked her looking for some feedback! thanks!
  6. TashnFrank

    Makeup Artist-Mexico

    Im just wondering if any one has heard of Krystie Ann or has her booked for makeup and hair? I am booking her for mine and just looking for feedback
  7. TashnFrank

    flowers for beach wedding

  8. TashnFrank

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    what a fun forum! Perfect for us canadian brides! Im getting married next november in Mexico! Cant wait!
  9. I am so excited! Hi Ladies! New to the website! My wedding is next November at the ocean coral have my dresses, and invites done and of course makeup and hair booked! Now to get the rest of the planning done!! Yipeeee!