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  1. I will be bringing my artist and hair stylist with me. i contacted many artists and the resort staff, and they were all great, but i just couldnt put my faith 100% in someone I wasnt one on one recommended to. She has been super to talk with and travels all over. She has won alot of awards also and is pretty popular with the bridal industry so I dont mind splurging. im actually going to be splitting her travel costs with another bride. I saw her work first hand at a wedding I went to in Jamaica last year.
  2. Im bringing my artist with me. And she does hair as well. I met her at a friends wedding she worked last year in jamaica. She travels all over...splitting her travel costs with another bride....SO excited!
  3. any feedback from the pashminas from ebay?
  4. I am also planning in advance...Jamaica for sure...undecided on the resort....I was looking into the RIU...I think I will be looking into the help of Helen G she is a wedding planner in jamaica she was referred to me, I could use all the help!
  5. I am pretty set on bringing my hair and makeup artist with me. Just so I can be absolutley sure on what im going to get. We are pretty sure we will have at least 30 people attending so we will be using an accomodation credit on our stylist!
  6. we are looking to only spend about $5k I will have a new dress, a short cocktail style dress, it will be held at a small venue in our hometown 2 weeks after we return from our wedding. I am looking into bringing a photographer with me as well as makeup and hair and they are all willing to give me a special deal to include their services for my home reception since they are are close to my home town as well. we will be doing buffet style food from a friend that caters and have a dj that I booked through a family friend that also gave me a good deal. We wanted to focus on the food and music and just have a great party for everyone. We would like our photographer to put together a slide show as well that we can show to our guests, especially those that wont be able to make it! I cant wait!!!!
  7. Great picture! wondering if anyone has heard of Samantha Erin Photography, Captured Souls Photography or Steinguard Studios? Im looking to bring a photographer with me to my destination wedding. But am looking for feedback
  8. I was at a wedding at the RIU this past spring and it was great!! I am def. considering it for one of my options...the info in this thread is a big help!
  9. I am so excited to plan my wedding!!! yay for canadian brides having beautiful destination weddings!!
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