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  1. @ Jess 819 - Also sharing your thoughts on DJ, really nervous about it! Have not done anything in terms of booking a DJ. Anyone in the forum that has been to DLR has seen their live trio perform? any thoughts? @Brendee - can you believe it's only about 4 months away! @Brides that have gotten married in the gazeboo - did you find it difficult to walk through the path in heels? Tks all : ) Cynthia
  2. Hi Ladies, thought I posted this question but I can't find it - just wondering if any of you have any feedback on the DJ provided by the resort? tk u.
  3. Hi Ladies, Any of you know or have read in the thread feedback on the DJ provided by DLR? Just starting to wonder about that. Thank vm.
  4. Hi Ladies, @Brendee2005 - we should definetely meet up and have a drink when we are there since your wedding is the day after mine! It would be nice to meet! and it looks like we are both coming from the nyc area? : ) @ All - DJ: Wondering on the DJ (Not the one included by the resort), there are various posting on DJ Mannia, just wondering if any of you have come accross any other names? I have not heard anything bad about the one provided by the resort, I just want to do some research before locking that down. PhotoBooth: I've also booked Huellas Del Caribe (HDC), I saw them in action in 2 weddings in Punta Cana and they were fantastic, the printed product as well is great. I would LOVE to do a photobooth session overthere, and I have sent a note to HDC inquiring if they do this, waiting to hear back. Just wondering if any of you have already explored this and have information? : ) Cynthia
  5. Cynthia (CynMay2012) - May 4th, 2012 Congrats all!
  6. All... Congrats to all 2012 brides!!!!...my date is May 4 '12. I've booked the Ocean grill+terrace for my reception; I visited the resort in 2009 but don't remember much of the restaurants. I'm really nervous I'll arrive and will like the other locations better. The one down thing about booking some of the restaurants is that I believe they are subject to an approx 11pm ending time, vs booking a ballroom which will have lesser restrictions with time. But I suppose if my reception is subject to the 11pm ending time - then it should be easy to leverage the momentum of the reception and have everyone meet at the resort's disco right after?
  7. All - I've been having a really hard time figuring out the final per head cost of someone who is NOT staying at the resort. I mean I understand they add a per person fee of approx $10 bucks, but wondering does anyone had a good grasp of that "day pass" fee or "wedding pass fee"? Tks ladies! Congrats to all!
  8. Oh how nice! Yeap only a few months! i sent my save the dates, but not sure when to send the actual invites, thinking Late November? or early January? not sure at this point, did you send yours? Tks! C.
  9. Hi, Tks - agreed that Jenny has been wonderful, as well as Shirley who is covering Jenny during her vacation. The external planner would be complimentary to me thus exploring those options as a compliment to Jenny's services. Tks for the note on the vendors I'll take a look at the other threads! C.
  10. Thank you all for such detailed and helpful information on this blog! Collectively you are the best wedding planners one can ask for! I've just joined and had a great time reading all of the post, we have stayed at DLR before and loved it! We will be tying the knot on Friday May 4th at the Garden Gazeboo. The ceremony location...still don't know! thinking about that. Has anyone used a wedding coordinator for the day of? that is outside the hotel? Has anyone used decor services from an external vendor? Tk U! Cynthia
  11. This is a review of:

    HDC Photo- Huellas del Caribe

    Awesome experience with HDC

    Pros: Awesome suggestion for shoots/location
    We used HDC for our wedding and were super pleased with their service and product. They have a diverse product selection so you can really customize your # of prints, album, video, etc. The photographer was super helpful with suggesions of shoots/poses/ etc - which resulted in memorable photos of our special day. During the event they had a lot of positive energy. We purchased a trash the dress session and that was so much fun! Except for one suggestions to put our rings on the sand, the waves a
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