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  1. Hi Kate, congrats! We got married there in March, so I can help to answer a few questions. 1st, we used DJ Staci (DJ Reventon??) I think? She did a good job for us! She can also perform your ceremony and she speaks English...she is American. We had a legal ceremony performed by a judge and she spoke English....pretty much everyone there does. 2nd, the hair and makeup they did at the salon at Dreams was fantastic! I also do not wear a lot of makeup and I have freckles so I was nervous about that...I have had my makeup done for other weddings and hated it since I always looked washed out. Eduardo did my hair and makeup and I loved it! My whole wedding party was pretty much like me...doesnt wear a lot of makeup and everyone looked beautiful! Good luck with your planning! Dana
  2. Hi everyone! We just got home from our honey moon. Our wedding at Dreams was absolutely PERFECT! We wouldnt have changed a thing! Fatima was also perfect...so on top of everything! She is fantastic! Here is our slideshow for anyone who is curious! http://danandrobert.drepvphoto.adventurephotos.com.mx/
  3. Hey everyone...our wedding is coming up in 9 days and last night I heard about the hold up of the Carvival cruise ship passangers where they robbed everyone on a bus in town on the way to an excursion...I was just wondering if anyone who had been there had run into any issues going into town or on any excursions? My fiance and I were there 2 years ago, went into town many times, had no issues and loved it! But now, some of our guests are getting nervous. We were planning on doing a night out in town before the wedding as well as a zip lining excursion for everyone. Any info or feedback would be helpful...thanks!
  4. thanks for the info on staci....we will see what happens...i am sorry she was not so good for your wedding. i am beginnig to have doubts about her now too. she is offering some sale on her services ending tonight, so i think we will do that to save a little money. however, it seems a bit off. we will see (fingers crossed). did she actually talk to you guys before you went to figure out all your choices? we leave in 2 weeks (well like 18 days) but nothing has happened so far. jeigh02...i emailed Fatima to reserve seating for us on march 23 i think last week and she said she would take care of it...we would have been about 3-4 weeks out at that point.
  5. Hi mllek1986, congrats!! I tried to look at your pictures, but it says you need a password? Also, how did you like DJ Staci? We are using her too!
  6. They quoted me at $1500 and they said that was the 2011 price. They said that they would not promise that price for 2012 and that it may go up as well. My wedding coordinator (from destinationweddings.com) said that prices are negotiable and that we should offer only half of what they are asking for. Has anyone had any experience like this with them? I am just not sure what to do??
  7. I was just quoted $1499 USD for 2011 price. They said they arent sure if the prices will be going up in 2012, so that they cannot lock in prices now. That price was for every image taken on the CD. Is that what you asked for too? That price seems high to me! Our wedding planned (using destinationweddings.com) said that prices with the photographers are usually negotiable. Has anyone found that to be true? She told me to offer about half of what they are asking for.............
  8. Thank you! I was given the name Lili as a contact....she is the Adventures Photos supervisor I guess? I just emailed her to ask for pricing on a CD for all of the pictures...we will see how much it went up in the past 2 years lol.
  9. Hi Dreams brides! I have a question about photography. We have the Dreams Ultimate package and it comes with the photographer from Vallarta Adventures and a 50 print book. We think we would like to purchase the rights to all of the pictures after the wedding...like on a cd or something. Has anyone done this? How much did it cost? Also, how long do you have the photographer for? Are they there the whole day getting ready through the reception? Or do they come late/leave early? Any info would be great!! Thanks! Dana
  10. Thanks Kerri! I will have to check them out. Not even really sure what I want for decorations...maybe some simple flower center piece or maybe candles?? or both? lol i have no idea.......
  11. Question for all of the past Dreams brides.....did any of you get maracas for your reception? Where did you get them from? Did you have them personalized? Also, would you recommend bringing our own decorations vs using Dreams' decorations they send as options? Everything seems so expensive! Thanks!!!
  12. That's very helpful..thanks! So I just want to make sure I understand...assuming the judge comes on time, he will conduct our ceremony in Spanish and then his translator will repeat in English and vice versa? Did you guys write your own vows or did you use the standard (I assume they have standard ones?)
  13. For all the past Dreams brides... Does anyone know how much it costs for bridesmaids hair to be done at the Dreams salon? My girls are asking but I am not sure since my hair is included. Any info would be helpful! Thanks!!
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