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  1. Hola ladies! We just got back from our vacation and I want to tell you NOT to worry!! My cousin's Wedding was perfect. Jacqueline ended up being her coordinator after the first two she was dealing with left. She speaks English quite well and is very professional. You will work out all the final details when you are on-site and can make changes as well. They really do work hard to ensure that you have your perfect day. They ended up at the gazebo in the Chill Out section, which does not look like much, but it was able to accommodate the 60 guests easily and because it is at the end of the beach, the backdrop for the photos was stunning and there were fewer people in the background. At the front where the couple are is sweetly decorated. The one setback is that the wedding party stands on stumps in the sand that are uneven through the ceremony, so just know that going in. They did go for the legal Wedding there. One odd thing was that their blood was taken in the hallway outside the Gift Shop where there were other people - BUT, this was the first time my cousin did not get even a slight bruise after a blood test! They were very professional and clean with new sterile needles, syringes, etc...it was just an odd location for it. Take a deep breath, ladies. This resort really knows how to do Weddings and are wonderful to the couple. Lisa PS - YAHOO!! You are going to have your best day ever - really!!
  2. Hey Vancity Bride, I was at the resort almost two years ago and, yes, it is a big resort. From the beach to the lobby area where most of the restaurants are, it is about a 7 minute walk at a fairly slow pace. (I timed it because sooooooo many people were complaining about it) There is a golf cart train (for lack of a name of it) that runs along both sides of the Grand Sunset/Grand Riviera resorts every 10 or 15 minutes and there are elevators. I personally enjoyed the walk and we were in the Platinum section by the beach which is furthest away from the lobby, etc. There are artistic statues and gorgeous plant life along the walkways, so it is enjoyable. The walkways running through the resort grounds are cement like sidewalks...the walkways in the lobbies, open area by the restaurants, hallways in the buildings and in the rooms are marble. Yes, they are slippery when wet, but so are wet floors at the shopping mall. You are going to have a beautiful day at a gorgeous resort marrying the man you love. Focus on that and worry about the rest as it comes up. You can change everything once you are there meeting with the coordinator. Have a fab day, Lisa
  3. These are gorgeous and so thoughtful. I am here to help my cousin with her DW and she has been struggling a bit with ideas, so this is definitely helpful!
  4. Hello there! I am here to support my cousin through her DW in Mexico. While I am the MOH, she is going to have a very dear friend of hers sign the Wedding Registry as a Witness. I think it is a beautiful idea and her friend is thrilled to have an important task on the big day. Hope this helps!
  5. Great advice...never trust anyone you don't know well with your important documents. Even moreso being away from home.
  6. When I had my DW a few years ago, we sent out the invites to "join us for a Carribean-style evening to celebrate our marriage." Really like the "encore celebration" idea.
  7. So happy your daughters came around already! The civil ceremony at home is the formality. The "real" day is the day you put on your dress and walk down that aisle to your man. I am not the bride-to-be; I am the cousin trying to make sure her day goes smoothly. Melanie is considering a civil ceremony here to avoid all the extra hoops you have to jump through for a legal ceremony away. All the best!
  8. LOVE the video!! Very cute and so creative. It is definitely better to send well in advance so that people are able to get the time off and save for the trip. Congrats and keep having fun!
  9. Great post! I am helping my cousin plan out her DW and this site has been so helpful. I had a DW five years ago and highly recommend it. Most stressful part of our day was figuring out what to eat at the breakfast buffet! Hoping I can help her have a perfect DW as well. Happy planning!
  10. Me too! Time to start posting. I am not the bride-to-be, but the cousin who is trying to be all the MOH I can be!! Have a fabulous day all!!
  11. Hello ladies! I am not the bride - just trying to make life easier for my cousin who will be getting married there in February 2012! I wanted to thank everyone for all the posts and detailed information! I have been able to pass on a lot of information to the bride, thanks to you!! I had a destination wedding at Sandals Negril, but the planning for that was incredibly easy. While I do not have anything to offer about the Weddings at GSP (YET!), I was there December 30, 2009 to January 5, 2010, so I have been to the resort already and would be happy to answer any questions you may have. Have a wonderful day and happy planning! Lisa PS - I know it is tough being so far away and trying to work out all the deets, but the phenomenal ladies here on this forum will be a big help and the resort does so many of these Weddings that it is just another day at the office for them. You will have a beautiful day and it will all come together when you get there.
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