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  1. I downloaded a copy of the customs form that you fill out upon entry to Mexico, and the "Declare if you are Bringing" section specifically asks if you have "Live animals; food products; plants; flowers or fruits; chemical, pharmaceutical or biological products of agricultural use, etc..." Did you check "YES" if you brought any of these items? If so, what happened? I understand that "company" packaged goods are fine to bring in (I'm bringing in candy and snacks), and I'm also bringing dried flowers. To top all of that off I'm also bringing a petite professional speaker with me (also an item listed on the "Declare if you are Bringing"). Not to mention, I'm bringing other Welcome bag items and lots of wedding decorations. I have travelled all over the world and gone through customs a million times (including Tibet to China, and even accidentally brought home hash from Amsterdam whoops) But I have never travelled with this much stuff that is questionable...especially to a country like Mexico. I operate on a ask for forgiveness before permission attitude, but I'm bringing so much obviously questionable stuff, I'm afraid of getting in trouble. Thoughts? Advice?
  2. Did you take preserved flowers into Mexico with you? Did you have any issues?!
  3. Hello ladies! This is my first post, and I hope that it is helpful to all of you planning a destination wedding and planning on using a travel agent! I want to share my bad experience with Jet Set Bride aka STG Tours www.jetsetbride.com or www.stgtours.com. It is a one woman show, with one agent - Gai Spann. I began my destination wedding travel planning with her for my 40 guests to the Riviera Maya Mexico, but about 3 months into it (AFTER my invitations had gone out with her info) I had no other choice but to fire her. She is "green" with an obvious lack of experience and business sense/etiquette. First, I only note that she is a one woman show because when she is not in the "office" no one is in the office. As she is a "travel agent" she spends her time doing that - traveling. She was almost never in the office, on her way back to the office, or in an area with no cell phone or email service. I can't begin to tell you how unprofessional she is. Not only was her response time so slow with my guests or myself (I'm talking weeks, not days), she often changed her story - and rates! One guest was hounding her to just make a payment and was not even able to get her to send her a credit card authorization. I can go on for days, but if you want more info as to why NOT to use her I'm happy to get into it in a PM. Happy Wedding Planning Best, Candice
  4. What day is your wedding? I'm getting married at Azul Beach April 14, 2012
  5. I've been debating having my wedding on the rooftop of the Azul Beach instead of on the actual beach. Has anyone done this and have any comments? I also have been having a hard time finding photos of people getting married there to get a sense of what it looks like. Any help is greatly appreciated! Candice
  6. Hello ladies! im getting married at Azul Beach on April 14,2012 and am looking for a group excursion for me and my 45 guests. I'd like to do the Maya Ruins or trip to a denote in Tulum, and would like to find a budget tour group that will also transport us. The hotel is quoting $65/pp but I'd like to get something cheaper so that I can cover the cost. Any suggestions or is that the best I can get? Suggestions? Thanks in advance
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