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  1. We had less than 40 ppl at our poolside reception and paid $11 pp for 3 hours... And hired dj bijan on top of that ( cheaper than the resort dj and really good!)
  2. We brought the vases and the blue sand down with us, you can buy really beautiful vase sets (at Michaels). TIseege the vase picture sounds amazing!! I've never seen one before..
  3. Hey Emily, Some of the pictures are from Diego from arricife ( we ended up spending $150 extra for ten more pictures) and some our from one of our photographers... We had the symbolic package ($1175) we were legally married in our hometown before we went to Mexico.. Also men must wear long pants to a la cartes, but can wear shorts to the buffet,
  4. Hey girls, I posted my review here =) http://www.bestdestinationwedding.com/products/gran-bahia-principe-coba-all-inclusive Hope it helps, feel free to message me if you have any questions about it! Hope the planning is going well.. about the CD player at the resort, if you have an ipod or iphone they can hook that up, just make sure your music is actually downloaded from Itunes.. I was panicked about that because I could not get the CD to burn, but maria assured me it would be fine to use my phone, and it was! =)
  5. We stayed in Villa 25 (golden section) and it was ideal, close to everything. On the wedding night we had our dinner at Portofino, followed by the poolside reception at the arrecife jacuzzi pool and it was perfect being so close to those. The golden section rooms are the same as all of the others, we had a mini fridge that was stocked daily (maybe that's the extra) and you have access to the golden lobby (which serves the best drinks and is a great place to sit around for a few drinks at night - much quieter and less crowded than the main lobby.) I would HIGHLY reccemend the welcome brunch. For us they set aside tables in the corner of the main buffet (you'll never get them all together if you don't have them reserved) and they gave us our own waitress. We gave out our OOT bags and we brought down scrapbooking letters and stickers to decorate the cups (they were all the same, and we didn't want them getting mixed up) and this brought the group together completely. It was one of the highlights of my trip! Quote: Originally Posted by Adel Thanks Tlseege! Your a wealth of great information! Any ideas as to which buildings are the best to stay in for Coba? I think the rooms over looking the pool would be best since none of them have ocean views?? Have you been to the Golden Selection, any idea what those rooms are like? My wedding is also at 4pm...on the beach but Maria didn't say which one..I'm hoping it's the Hammock location. I should probably get Maria to confirm that! So I'm thinking I won't have the cocktail hour...but maybe have everyone meet at a specific bar or location after the pictures are taking and then the meal would follow shortly after at the Portofino. Also any ideas for people to get to know one another? Most of our guests will be coming from various hubs in Canada and most will not know one another. I was thinking of asking Maria to set aside a few tables for our group and have a brunch the next morning so we can hand out the OOT gift bags/ mugs and give everyone a guide of a few events that we have planned. That way if people want to come they are more then welcome, but it's their vacation too Thanks, Adel Also Fraggle42 - If it is in your budget.. have the poolside party, it is very worth it.. We had the cheapest bar option ( $11 pp for three hours) and they served us everything except red and white wine (only sparkling). It was amazing, many of our guests told us the next day that they were so happy we did that, and they loved it as much as we did! Also Dj Bijan is cheaper than the resort DJ, speaks English perfectly and did a great job for us!
  6. They pick up all if your guests at the Main lobby! And they pick up you at your room! And yes they pick up everyone at the lobby about ten minutes before your dinner to take them to the lobby.. They actually make sure the day flows very nicely and have all transportation arranged!
  7. Hey girls, We arrived back home from Mexico yesterday and I will definitely be posting a review soon, but i read a few of the recent posts and wanted to let you all know that our dinner was at the portofino, we had 3 tables of 10 and we had a few people get up and speak there (fathers, MOH and best man) and it was hard to hear, we decided to wait until our poolside reception with the microphone to do ours. Also I would highly recommend DJ Bijan, we had him for three hours and even after paying for his guest pass we saved money compared to the resort DJ, he also announced us, and the first dance and the father daughter dance, not just played them.. He took requests and would probably say, announce anything you would want. He also speaks perfect English and you can send him a list of songs before hand to make sure he has them. As far as our music for the ceremony, we just brought my iphone with the songs on it and they played it from that! Bridesmaids walking - Guitar Tribute players - I'm yours (the Jason Mraz song without the lyrics) Bride Walking down - Somewhere over the rainbow - Jason Castro Sand ceremony - wonderful world - Israel Kamakawiwo'ole Recessional - Lucky - Jason Mraz/ Colbie Callait As far as the 1 o'clock ceremony, I was actually kind of upset about having it at this time but in hindsight I am so glad we did. We we're at the Akumal beach location, and although it was really hot there was a beautiful breeze to cool everyone off, and the symbolic ceremony is only a half an hour. We took Picture of the entire group for about 30-45 minutes, then had time to take wedding party pics, have a drink with the group, take just bride and groom pics at the haceienda and a few other locations and still just made it to supper on time! wow long post! haha but i hope this helps someone!
  8. We are having a poolside reception and we are paying for the cheapest options ($5 per person for the first hour $3 pp for each additional hour). Were hoping they serve everything though, that happened to a few past brides... For the dj we were quoted $210/ hr, but we went with dj bijan, for our 3 hour reception we are saving almost $100 by going with him... + we are emailing him a list of songs to make sure he has them. Hope this helps!
  9. Hello I'm getting married in 2 weeks at the akumal hammock location! Getting very excited... Im canadian and am going to get USD to take with me, I'm just wondering if anyone knows if the spa, photographer and most excursion tours accept visa? I'd like to bring down as little $ as possible.. Also I have the Portifino booked for 5:30 and the jacuzzi pool at 7:30 for the poolside party, I know a few of you have had a similar layout so I'm just wondering is two hours too long for dinner? Or will this flow smoothly? Thanks!
  10. Hello, I am new to the forum but getting married at GBP on Feb 15th!! I was just wondering if anyone is having trouble contacting their coordinator? I emailed Maria almost 2 weeks ago and have not heard anything back, I have emailed her twice in between then and now. I am getting somewhat frusterated. Is this normal or does anyone have any advice? Thanks
  11. Heather's GBP Coba wedding review - 02-15-12

    Details Resort: Grand Bahia Principe Coba Wedding Package: Symbolic Ceremony: Akumal Hammocks 1pm Dinner: Portofino, 5:30 PM Reception: Arrecife Pool, 7:30-11 PM Number of guests: 30 Planning I am from Halifax, and booked through trip central, and would warn other Halifax brides not to book through their Bedford office, my TA was nothing short of awful! Maria was my WC, she is wonderful, although there was three weeks before I received responses to some emails she alwa
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