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  1. Hi All, My future hubby and i have looked at some many different locations, types of honeymoons and are currently looking at Mexico specifically riviera maya looks amazing. Main problems is mosquitos, i get eaten alive normally i wouldnt mind that much but tend to react badly to the bits abroad and dont want to spoil my honeymoon. Has anyone ever been to this area, we would be going early august? Would really appreciate the help!! Mrs R
  2. Hi All, My partner and i are struggling on our choice of honeymoon, so many places look amazing keep changing our minds. We've been looking closer at Mexico Riveira Maya, my only concern is mosquitos, i seem to get attacked where ever i go, but react badly to them abroad. Anyone no if this area would be bad for them in august. Would normally worry but dont want something to ruin our honeymoon. Enough to stress about with weddings. Any info would be great. Thanks Mrs R
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