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  1. Hey, Thank you sooo much for your post! So you mentioned the Tequila restaurant was good? I'm still trying to pick b/w that and the brazilian. Also, for the pool party, was it with a DJ and dancefloor and all that? Was it a package deal? Marina P.S. We're def gonna do the catamaran, thanks a lot for the advice!!
  2. Hi guys! Need help picking a restaurant in Tulum for the wedding date! I have the choice b/w Tequila (mexico) or Rozilio (brazilian)..any experiences out there? I'm desperate!!!! LOL Marina
  3. Thank you so much Andrea2006 for your response, after reading it we decided to go with Tulum! I think it will be great:)
  4. Hi guys, I am booking a wedding for the week of April 21-28/2012. This is all new to me and I'm definitely freaking out a little bit. We've decided on Gran Bahia Principe with our agent but cannot decide whether to go with Coba or Tulum as the resort for our group of 20 to stay at. We've read that Coba is the newer section of the complex which is nicer, however its further from the beach while Tulum is older but right on the beach. Any suggestions out there on how you guys decided which resort to go with? Marina
  5. Hi Lincoln, You originally responded to my message about where to have our wedding mexico or dominican. We've decided on Mexico, playa del carmen, but now can't agree on a resort. Since you're a photographer you must have seen quiet a few. We'd love the Riu Palace as our top choice however, our guests from different parts of Canada cannot get a deal with a connecting flight there and it would be too expensive for them, so our agent suggested Sandos Playacar, do you think its a nice property? We heard about the Royal, but I heard negatives about the beach. e
  6. Hey, I saw that you mentioned that you guys have decided on the Mayan riviera in Mexico. We have too (our date is around April 22 2012, very soon!!!). What resorts have you guys been concidering/booked? We initially chose the Royal Playa del Carmen but changed our minds later. We want to be in the Playa del Carmen area since there is lots to do for a crowd of younger people. A couple of the resorts that we're concidering at the moment are The Royal Hideaway Playacar (although it depends if we can get a good price) and the Riu Palace Mexico since its nice and big with decent pricing. Marina
  7. Does anyone have some advice as to what the best place is for a wedding Punta Cana or Mexico? I have only been to Mexico, Playa del Carmen and really enjoyed the food and having 5th avenue to hang out at in the evenings. However the beaches were just alright and sort of crowded. We have never been to Punta Cana but hear that its got nicer beaches, however, the food and drinks aren't as great. Are there any ppl out there who have visited both areas and feel that one is better then the other? Any other recommendations for nicer beach ares in Mexico? Marina
  8. Hi, I feel like I'm in the exact same situation at this point, trying to find the resort or at least the area to get married in the carribean/mexico. We have been to Mexico, Playa del Carmen area and really enjoyed the food and drinks and having Playa del Carmen 5th avenue to walk to every evening instead of sitting though another resort evening show. So we thought that it would be the place to have a wedding in since our group is mostly young people who may want to go out to a different bar or do some shopping in the town. The only problem is, that area doesn't have the nicest beaches, sort of busy and not as scenic. I heard Punta Cana has nicer views, but if we went there would we still have something to do outside of the resort. I also heard Punta Cana doesn't have as nice of food as Mexico. Going crazy with all these decision. And I totally understand about the financial side of it, it does help narrow down the resort a bit, like we're trying to stay below 1900, so that people don't turn down the invitation. Have you narrowed down a place yet? Marina
  9. Thanks for the response! Yes, I read in the reviews that there are sharp rocks in the shallow waters. We're still on the fence between the Royal and one in Dominican like the Majestic Colonial. The Dominican beaches look beautiful, but the food in Mexico is unbeatable I think. Did your wedding party hang out at 5th avenue? Marina
  10. Hey, I've been having such a hard time trying to find a great resort in Mexico, and based on the reviews here I think I'm gonna go with the Royal in PDC. Only thing I"m worried about in terms of the resort is the beach, I hear its very rocky!! but I guess its sort of minor. Pretty excited about all the planning to come! Marina
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