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    Hotels in Ixtapa for weddings

    Hi there- congratulations on your wedding! You'll like the Barcelo, we've stayed there many times. It really does have the best beach location in Ixtapa, and we have a house in the contramar district, so we know it. Even our niece is getting married there mid January! I wanted to let you know that If you are in need of an English speaking cosmetologist there is a new salon and spa in Ixtapa called 'Natasha's Salon and Spa'. She's from the states, licensed and really excellent. The salon is very American, as are the products and she has all the OPI nail colors. It's between the Supermercado and Senor Frog's, in fact if you stop in at Frog's, they'll tell you where she's located! Good luck to you!
  2. Natasha's Salon and Spa opened in Ixtapa in the spring of 2011. It's located between Senor Frog's and the Supermercado near Da Baffone restaurant. 'Natasha' is a licensed American Cosmetologist who also has a degree in Therapeutic Massage. The salon is super cute, very "American" and she carries a large line of hair products and even has all the OPI nail colors!!! The thing we liked the best though was that she speaks English and knows what she's doing!! Oh, and it didn't hurt that her salon is air conditioned, spacious and has hot water!!!
  3. "Natasha's Salon and Spa", is a new salon and spa that opened in Ixtapa in 2011. Natasha is an American who's licensed in cosmetology and Therapeutic Massage. If you're planning a wedding in the area you need to check this place out! She's incredible and the atmosphere of the salon is relaxed, comfortable, air conditioned and so American! The salon is located between Senor Frog's and the Supermercado near Da Baffone restaurant. I saw a previous post asking for help in finding an English speaking stylist and since I have her card, I'll post her contact info. (044)755.125.2370 natashasinixtapa@hotmail.com
  4. "Natasha's Salon and Spa" is a new salon/spa that opened in Ixtapa in 2011. The owner is an American girl and she is incredible, we were very impressed! The salon has an extensive line of hair products and a complete line of OPI polish. It's air conditioned and has hot water...... --not something you always find down there! It's located between Senor Frog's and the Supermarcado near Da Baffone restaurant. (almost directly across from the Presidente). I know she does wedding parties, as there was a group coming in while we were there. The information off her business card is phone (044) 755.125.2370 or e-mail natashasinixtapa@hotmail.com