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  1. Hey all! Post wedding sale, if you are interested in an item please pm me with an email address and what product/products and I can provide pictures! All is either new with or without tags or worn once Small victoria secret BRIDE hoodie worn on the plane once and in excellent condition. Paid 70 and am asking at least 35, would like 40. Small victoria secret tank SEXY LITTLE BRIDE on the front, worn once for an hour while getting nails done. Paid 20$ asking 15$ Medium victoria secret swim bottoms - light pink with 'just married' in rhinestones on the bum. These are so cute!! Never was able to wear them- mailed late so these are brand new! Paid 40- asking 40 or even a decent offer otherwise! White small Lacey dress that was too short for me and fit me goofy since I don't have a large chest. Paid 10$ never worn. Aqua/Tiffany blue sashes for chairs brand new Price negotiable Cyan/teal sashes for chairs brand new Price negotiable Umbra ether frame - appears used but in good condition. Some girls use these as their ceremony sand frame. I did and loved it! I had an extra though New price of these are 45$ will take 35 Pop the top flip flop bottle tops To have and to hold can cozies Lanyards Raffia fans Shells Mini maracas Playa del Carmen totes Chinese flying lanterns - pink purple All of the above are extras, I have to double check quantities. Prices all negotiable Thanks !!
  2. I have random extras I am trying to get rid of. If you want pictures please PM me. Thanks! I have the following: 2 pink 6 purple chinese lanterns. They are all new except one purple one was opened so I could see the size. I can not have them at my resort anymore so I would like to get rid of them asap. 2$ a lantern or ill take 14$ for all. 12 TEAL organza chair wedding sashes 1.25 each 10 AQUA organza chair wedding sashes 1.25 each 2 POP THE TOP flip flop BOTTLE TOP openers 3$ each 3 PLAYA DEL CARMEN totes with image of a margarita 3$ each 2 MINI magnetic photo frames 2$ each i am pretty sure the amounts are correct, i will combine different amounts and such. as i said, please PM me for pics and send your zip so i could give a decent quote on shipping. thanks much!
  3. could you send a bigger pic of the jewelery set please
  4. Will ship any where, 2 dollars a lantern. I have 18 left. 10 white, 2 pink 6 purple. I will negotiate if shipping ends up being expensive. I did however pay 60 for 20 of these. They are all new except one purple one was opened so I could see the size. I can not have them at my resort anymore so I would like to get rid of them asap. PM me please! Thanks
  5. eBay has some for a good price and so does save-on-crafts
  6. My resort changed their policy on the lanterns, one person ruined it for everyone! So I am wanting to sell mine. All are brand new in the packaging and was my dream to have these at my wedding! Hopefully someone else can enjoy them! All of these are 100% biodegradable! I have 10 white left 2 Pink 6 Purple (one was opened (I wanted to see how big they were) I paid 60 for 20 of them, I am willing to split up the amount. Just thought maybe a different bride would want these since I cant 40 for all plus shipping. if you have an offer please PM me
  7. spanish books for dummies and the first aid kits i am interested in
  8. Hey I just recently got engaged and I am ALSO a FEBRUARY 2013 BRIDE I am looking at riviera maya and punta cana. cant decide yet! any input would definitely help!
  9. thanks for starting this thread. my future mother in law had a meltdown about how no one is going to show up cause its not a "real wedding" .. i dont think she understands that trying to plan a wedding in mexico is quite difficult with the costs of everything. and how you have to be there so long before they will marry you... maybe we will just say we are doing it legally there to get everyone to shutup. its definitely hurtful.. but ONE QUESTION -- some resorts and their wedding packages say that a priest, ect cost more money then what the actual package of the wedding costs.. is this true with the symbolic wedding package or only with the civil one?? and who does your ceremony if it doesnt cost more money? im lost on that part.. any feed back would be great thanks
  10. Getting married in February 2013 <3 Just recently engaged a little over a month ago and I already am excited! Valentin Maya is one of my top choices in Riviera Maya and I get anxious just seeing the beautiful pictures of everyones weddings! Hopefully things move fast.. I am waaaay too impatient And congrats to everyone on here!
  11. I personally wouldn't choose a resort for the simple fact if they allowed outside vendors or not. Destination weddings to me, mean a get away type of wedding. If people want every single detail their way, stay home then and choose.
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