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  1. Laura - I was recently married there and posted a full review in the discussion called "Hard Rock Punta Cana." Hopefully that will help you!
  2. The collection I had was only for the ceremony. The reception was extra. The resort has an incentive where if your guests book more than 75 nights (through their group link they provide you) then you receive unlimited private functions. Since we surpassed the 75 nights, we did not need to pay the $300 per table for the reception.
  3. We used the HRPC DJ. The company is called J&S Audio Visual. We had no complaints about them. They weren't amazing, but they were very good. I had lists and CDs given to them with any specific songs I had wanted to be played.
  4. Jen - the tables at the reception are set for 10 people. I had 61 people at the reception, so we had one table of 11 and five tables of 10. My husband and I had our own small table. I received toasting flutes for my bridal shower and brought them down with me for my husband and I. The guests all were given flutes for the toast.
  5. They told me the same thing. Because my husband and I went for an onsite visit in December, we met with Jacqueline, our wedding coordinator and went over a lot of things for the wedding. Since we had already met and I knew who my coordinator was, I took it upon myself to continue communicating with her the wedding details and decisions we were making as we made them. I will say, even though I was in touch with Jacqueline, she did not contact me regarding any details. I was always the one emailing her and then she would just confirm everything and answer any questions. You definitely need to take a proactive role with them. Hope that helps!
  6. The chair covers were from HRPC, reserved them with Jacqueline. They cost about $7.50 each (that includes tax).
  7. Melissa - The $2700 was for the Amethyst wedding collection which included everything for the ceremony. The total cost that we paid for the actual day of the wedding (not including the private events we had on Wednesday and Thursday) was about $10,200. This does not include HDC photography. Let me know if you have any more questions
  8. Here is a better picture of the reception room with the star drapery and white panels from Creative
  9. Thank you! I had been in touch with my wedding coordinator since December from my onsite visit. I did everything through her and she was on the emails with me to Creative. I dealt with Celeste from Creative on the centerpieces and drapery for the reception. Everything else, I discussed with Jacqueline. The cake I was able to choose from a picture list of about 15 cakes. I choose the one I wanted and they just added the real flowers that matched our decor. I have to stress, Jacqueline was great - I emailed her everything and she set it all up. Was very responsive in answering any questions I had throughout the process.
  10. Thank you! I didn't have any additions to the cake. My wedding coordinator gave me an option of having a two or three tier cake. We opted for three tier. No additional charge. The centerpieces were from Creative Punta Cana - I sent them a picture of a centerpiece I wanted and they recreated something similar. I wanted a more fuller top with flowers, they were a little small on top, but at that point there was nothing I could do. Overall, they were nice. Just wanted more lol.
  11. I figured out how to show the pics! LOL -- PS HDC is the photographer. AMAZING!
  12. I emailed you the photos. I posted them and I can't view them myself. You have to have a certain number of posts to view attachments or pay the $30 fee. I should have just paid when I joined a long time ago lol. Do you know who your wedding coordinator is yet?
  13. The guitarist was part of my Amethyst wedding package. But we paid him for an additonal 45 mins during the cocktail hour since we had it on Isla Beach. The cost wasabout $440 for the 45 mins additional. We had the ceremony & cocktail hour on Isla beach and the reception in the fillmore ballroom.
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