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  1. yer the Amethyst Rose is the old collection, if i wanted the new collection coln i had to pay more money ,and i was happy which the Amethyst. we have 21 people in total now . we got the cocktail our free as 21 have booked and we are all staying for 14 nights so this is called group benifts so you should get this free. we have aded a mariachi band to pay during cocktail hour which costs 550 usd we paid or extra hours for private function this is 60 usd an hour. we have gone through zuniga decorations for decore, i would reccomened as kate is very helpful not the cheapest though. we have also hired a music package through psav which is 231 usd. fly out on tuesday i am sooo excited! a little nervous as have looked at weather forcast and it does not look great! rain when i return i will do a detailed review so you can get a better idea. kerry x
  2. i fly out on tuesday! eeek! i am a little nervous now i have looked at the weather forcast looks like rain really want my wedding to be outside....
  3. Yes my dress fits well, this box fits in with Thomas cook measurements i emailed Thomas cook and they confirmed this would be OK. but this will be the only piece of hand luggage i will be allowed. i have chosen to have a private reception and cocktail hour, have also booked the marachai band to play during the cocktail our,i have also paid extra for bigger photography packages which includes more photos and a video and DVD the wedding. what wedding package have you one for? i went for the amethyst rose collection which includes the horse and carriage ride I'm SO excited. at least i will be able to fill you in for when you go next year xx
  4. hey, i know not long now!!! yes spoke to the wedding coordinator! i told her everything i wanted and any added extras then she sent me some files i had to sign and check everything was correct, just so you know as i didn't you have to pay for most things up front before you get to resort, i was told you pay when you get there,but it is all sorted now. in my previous reviews i was asking about flight boxes to put your wedding dress in, i actually got one online an its personalized i don't know if you would be interested? i love it and it fits within Thomas cook measurements http://www.lifememoriesbox.co.uk/
  5. hi all does anyone know if the moon palace hotel cleans wedding dress's? id lke my cleaned as i need it for the party when we return home mexico??
  6. hey girls im getting married on 10/10/12 and i got contcted on friday by the cancun office Daniela Ocampo Morales, she explained that she will be planning my wedding and sent across a huge excel file were i had to fill out all info, the locations i wanted etc, i have got back to her today with the info, and she has just replied saying she will go through everything and get back to me. hopefully i get the locations have asked for fingers crossed!
  7. hi yes just got a email from Juana saying the cancun co - ordinator should contact me within 2 weeks so fingers they do!
  8. have you booked a wedding collection? if you go on http://www.palaceresorts.com/weddings/optional-services-en.html there is some prices of things on there. i havent actually spoke to my wedding co ordinator in mexico yet, if you have any questions i just emailed thomas cook and then they forwarded them directly to resort, only in the last 3 months the maimi office has contacted me but joannis from the miam office had just emailed me saying the onsite wedding co ordinator will contct me shortly. so i will let you know how i get on once they get in contact.
  9. aw thats good to know about weather! planning is going good we have decided to get married at 3pm in the tucan gazebo (i liked the long walkway) and having the cocktail hour and we are paying for the privatereception - have you decied wat you are doing,? i would recommned zuniga desgns for flowers/centre pieces etc they are realy good and work with the hotel. x
  10. hi i found thomas cook very helpful, any questions you have pass on to them and they can fax or send throught t the wedding department at the hotel, have you been to mexico before? its 4 months tomy weding and im getting a little nervous as havent been to mexico in october , hopefuly weather stays dry x
  11. i found out the date around 2months after booking with thomas cook. did you request a certain date? x
  12. wow your wedding as beautiful! thankyou for sharing, your hair is lovely would you recommend having your hair up beacuse of the breeze? and how did you find the hairdresers on site? x
  13. my dress prob wont fit in then, my dress is meduim size, yes been mexico twice before you will love it! im a little worried about packing my dress too
  14. wow your wedding video looks great! im geting married in october hope my day is a beautiful as yours x
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