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    Freaking out!!!!

    I have asked and always get myself confused over the "notarized" part since other than the original seal of authenticity the BC and divorce papers cannot be actually "notarized." And then there is the little matter of trying to scan or copy each page of the divorce papers because the court clerk told him that if the staples are removed the document is no longer valid. I just thought it was easier to send the whole copy. BIG MISTAKE apparently! But as long as they aren't going to keep them I suppose we can just use what we have and I can get them scanned and sent by Monday at the latest just to ease everyone's mind! But then there is the little issue of our personal information being who knows where out there!
  2. NLF313

    Freaking out!!!!

    Yes, the original documents . We went to the courthouse and got a certified copy of our birth certificates, and his divorce papers, and then literally sent those copies in the mail to the specified address. We have our originals still here, so maybe I'll scan those and then just bring our originals? Did they KEEP the originals you brought with you? Thanks!!!! Nichole
  3. Hi Ladies, SO, I sent all my documents to Jamaica on the 9th from Wisconsin. I have been tracking it and see that it left New York on 2/14, and is on it's way to it's destination.... but that was over a week ago!! The post office said it could take 5-10 business days for the registered mail to get to where it's going and tomorrow will be the 10th business day. I am starting to get very nervous because I leave for Jamaica in less than 2 weeks!! Have any of you ran into the same problem? Should I be worried at this point?? Does it normally take this long to make it there? Thanks! Nichole
  4. This has all been very helpful... thanks everyone!! This is such a great site!
  5. Thanks for the info ladies!! So basically we should request another certified copy of both our birth certificates and his divorce papers so that we can leave a copy in Jamaica? Oh, and this is probably a dumb question but we do not have to get a marriage license here in WI correct? They will do all the paper work in Jamaica? Nichole
  6. User Name: NLF313 Name: Nichole & Mark Location: Riu Ocho Rios Wedding: March 13, 2012 in JA: 3/7/12-3/21/12 Hello everyone!! I am in need of some assistance. I am getting married in Jamaica in 2 months!! It is almost time for us to send our documentation to the resort but I am having a lot of trouble understanding exactly what I need to send. I understand the following documentation needs to be sent if applicable: For Civil & Religious weddings in Jamaica Notarized copies of Birth Certificate.*Must have full names and last names of the couple and parents as well. Notarized copies of Passports or driver’s license. Notarized Documents stating name changes (if applicable). Notarized, written parental consents (if under 21 years of age). Notarized copies of divorce papers (if applicable). Notarized copies of death certificate (if applicable). The part I am having an issue with is the notarized birth certificate and the notarized divorce papers (my fiance was married once before). We both have a certified copy of our birth certificates. Do I make a copy of our copy and send that to the resort? I asked a notary about getting something like that notarized and apparently it is illegal to have such a document notarized. She said we could make a copy of our passports/drivers license and she would notarize that, but she wouldn't touch the other documents. I emailed the resort for clearification and am now even more confused. Can anyone assist me with this? Thank you SO much!!! Nichole
  7. The "group" is set up through the group department at the travel agency. After so many people book within the group the airlines starts to give comps too. I think it's something like every 11th person has free or 1/2 off airfare, but this is the first time I am using a group so I am still trying to wrap my head around it! Is your group set up through the resort? I looked at the group through the resort and it was still a better deal to book the group through the group department at the travel agency.
  8. Hi Ladies!! I am new to this site as well and very excited!! We are getting married at the Riu in Ocho Rios Jamaica March 13, 2012!! We are booked with the resort and have a "group" travel plan going through our travel agent for all our guests to book! One nice thing about the group is that after so many people book you start getting comps through the resort and the airlines which makes your trip much cheaper! I see some other brides that are getting married in Jamaica... great choice!! I have been to Jamaica many many times and get more excited each time!! I can't wait to hear more about everyone's planning!! Congrats to everyone!!!