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    Fake starfish..?

    Hi Everyone, I am hoping you ladies can help me. I am looking for fake starfish to attach to my wedding invitations. I need them to be durable so that they dont break in the mail. I see that the Christmas Store has something but I live in Canada and we don't have that store here (YET)!. If anyone has seen these, can you let me know if they would be good. Also, if there is any amazing ladies out there who could grab these and ship them, I would be SOOOOOOO greatful. I will pay through paypal plus alittle extra for your time! Thanks! Sarah
  2. Hi Ribbit101, The cost for the Beach party is $300.00. The cost to rent the Marlin is $300.00. It is a private 2nd story part of the restaurant and it has its own bar. I decide to do this just in case of rain and because I have the place from 7:00 pm to 12:00 am to we can party. I guess it makes a difference depending on how many people you are having. I am at 45 and we need our own space and party. I love the beach party but it is not completely private. I just want private for one night. the rest of the nights is PARTY TIME!
  3. Hi Ladies, I have book Caribbean Emotions and all went so smooth. I am soooooo super excited. I have all the major stuff done. Just need to get the paperwork for the legal marriage which can only be done 90 before the wedding. Question: What are you ladies doing for guest favors and is anyone or has anyone done welcome baskets for their guests? Oh yeah, one last thing: For all the items you took over, did you take it in your suitcase or did you courier it before hand? Thanks! Sarah
  4. Hey bebe5433, Yes I booked the extra time so we could continue the party! The cost for the Marlin is $100.00 per hour and the DJ is $50.00 per hour. I am trying to keep a limit on the spending LOL but there are just so many things I want. My fiance says we should get the IPOD staton, mic and CD player but then I think "who is going to change the music and stuff" I just want everyone having a great time and not have to play DJ all night. Then I consider the beach party but then everyone has to move locations and what about rain? I think I am safer with the Marlin and it is more personal. Ok, now that I decided on the location, I need to decide on the DJ? HELP, what do you ladies think?
  5. I am sooooo excited that I found Dania. It is so great to get advice from someone who went through the same thing that I am at the same resort and dealing with the same people. For those brides that are trying to contact Rosa (Florist), she is currently on vacation and will be back in a week. Now I am sooooo stuck between beach party and late night Marlin party. What about if it rains, then what?????. i think I might do the beach party the night before as a thank you dinner!
  6. Hi Dania, Can you please let me know so more info on the Florist (how much did you spend if you don't mind me asking) and about the Beach party with the DJ and the lights. Do you have any photos. This sounds exactly like what I am wanting to do. Please email me at sarahduarte33@hotmail.com. Thank you so much for all your help!
  7. Hi Ladies, I have done ALOT of research on this hotel and have spoke to 7 brides who were recently married at Barcelo Punta Cana. I have my wedding booked for May 2012 and I have to say, I was a little worried due to the reviews on Trip Advisor but once I talked to the recent brides, I know feel so much more relaxed and I am ready to PARTY. Ariana has been AMAZING and is always prompt in returning emails. For the bride who has not heard back yet, you might me using the wrong email, try puntacana.weddings@barcelo.com Here is the run down that I got from the brides and other: YES - there are so many reno's going on at the hotel when it comes to rooms. Just like any hotel or even your house. It takes time and money!!! Up to this date, Block 3 (Rooms 3201 - 3423 are amazing, go on Trip Advisor, go to Barcelo Hotel and click on picture in the top right side. Go to rooms or view from room and you will see the room photos. I wrote down all the rooms I wanted! Plus it is on the quite side which is great for sleeping). I requested these for my friends and family. We have the Presidental Suite! They have done alot and I am fully confident that the hotel will be amazing. Just to give you an example of how I know Trip Advisor is BULLCRAP, I went to a wedding 2 years ago at Rui Bachata in Puerta Plata. This place was amazing, stunning and perfect in everyway yet I go on now and read the most crazy complaints of all the same things such as slow service, busy pool bars, no towels, long check in blah blah blah. I had none of that or atleast I was having such a great time that I did not care. This shows me never to listen to stupid complaints. Beach wedding is amazing under the Arch (Booked it!) also the reception dinner at the Marlin (its a second flkoor private room right on the beach (Booked it! Do menu 3 buffet). I have heard the beach party is great! We are having that the night before the wedding. I have rented the hall for the whole night (till 12:00 am) and we also got a DJ. I am truly excited and I really have no worries. To the people who complain, please stay home in your perfect little home where you have no bugs EVER in your house and all the towels in the world. Sit back and have you chef make your food and your maid serve you all day. Sorry you had to leave your perfect world to mingle with the rest of us poor folks LOL.