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  1. I am digging the photography. Very cute couple you two make. Happy for ya! The dress you're wearing on the dance floor really worked well for you as well.
  2. You know what? If I had not already ordered my dress when I found this forum, I would have went with them too. However I am glad that I ordered where I did because that just one more resource for a place to go to for it. There is another dress made by vipweddingdresses.com in a weddingwire forum and it is the only reference I had to go on when I chose this place. But, in this forum there are plenty references, truth is if it's coming from Suzhou, China (hope I spelled it right), it is probably coming from the "dressmaking district" --an entire cluster of businesses that specialize in wedding dresses. I think they all keep just about the same skills.
  3. I went to check out the site you mentioned and I can't say much about them. I was checking to see what their phone number was because the site I ordered from shares the same phone number with other sites. So, I was hoping this was one of their sites. I understand being nervous about it as there is no phone number to call if you needed to quickly address an issue. Why don't you consider copying the pic of the dress you want and giving it to an online store that has finished work that you have at least from us here? I bet vipweddingdresses.com will make your dress for the same price. Mine was on $181. Make sure to inquire for tips from previous buyers of whatever site you use, so that you can have a smooth and well thought out transaction. Sorry I couldn't help further.
  4. I DEFINITELY MEANT THAT I "COULD NOT" FIND A DRESS LIKE THIS AT DAVID'S BRIDAL... I was typing way too fast. Okay, now it's time to learn how to put posts in the correct areas the first around. eek.
  5. Actually, TDMAUS, it's the design in the body that I like better and the material is more flowy so if you're curvy it will sit well on you. Yep, I likey!!!
  6. And @ TDMAUS You're dress is definitely one of the best turnouts in the forum, something about the replica.... yep, IT'S BETTER than the orig!! More curvy in the shape/form. You've done very very well! AND @ Cbandemer, you rock for helping me get my pics up, thank you kindly!
  7. Question is.... Do I really have to where a petticoat? or at least the bulkier one? They put this clever layer of this firm flare/ fluff -friendly fabric in the dress from bottom waist down for about 10 inches. I have it flat in the pic, but think can use that to give the skirt its body. Does anyone else have this function built in? Is that what it is for?? ...Um, I'm clueless...
  8. @ Cbandemer Thanks! I truly am happy with it, could find anything like this at David's, ya know? Truth is, from the orig picture I never knew there was a train! lol. You couldn't see it because the model bride was sitting down but if you zoom in good enough there was some extra material up behind her. So I actually was too busy being shocked I never asked them to do something to that effect. On this style, a detachable would have been cool. Or maybe a tuck and snap. My aunt MIGHT do the second option for me, You can request these things when you order though. If you want check their site and click on "Ball Gowns" --- should let you, I told the dress makers to have fun, be creative, but to make sure it looks and feels good. I gave them some free range in the ball skirt area. But they asked very specific questions, so that made comfortable.
  9. I used vipweddingdresses.com PROS: Communication was OK, email is better, but I always sent an confirmation email after being on the phone with them. They made the dress well structure wise.... It doesn't feel anywhere near cheap against the skin. The price is amazing... $181, they did not exact the skirt of the original dress which I asked them to change, but they gave me a bodice that I love more that the orig! The dress fits PERFECTLY (but I am not wearing a petticoat in the pic). When the pics are up the train will seem to go wild, they fixed this before shipping the dress to me. The dress also go to me 2 weeks earlier than expected. CONS: The packaging.... hmmm, hard to believe it fit in there!! It was punctured so there was a hole that went through the outer package and inner plastic covering, however, they were smart enough to turn the dress inside out, so no probs after all. Trying to read reviews on their not-so-well-maintained website will lead you to a forum discussing another website which has to be an online pharmacy of some sort. Weird I know. I almost freaked out because I was already nervous to begin with so I didn't need that too. But all went well. There are these weird (just a few) seams in the skirt of the dress (the seams in the bodice are ok, even and symmetrical... I will have my aunt pin some nice sparkle decor to hold over the two near the hip if it really to bothers me (very easy fix, at least really easy to figure something out for it). TRUTH IS, I am very pleased with my dress and the appliques in the bodice...CLASSIC, especially since they had my dress almost done in 11 days. I told them an earlier wedding date to make sure I was still within my 45 days for pay pal protection. I would have paid more for the dress. And this particular dress is pretty darn NICE. Another note! If you want/need a particular fabric, request that they stick to the script. If you're like me, you may trust the artistic opinion of your dressmaker more...
  10. I have been trying to post pics of the dress I got from an online company for a week now. Theses posts are stuck in moderation. This sucks! I love this forum but it's not all that fun if I can't get feedback on my dress too. Yes, I am being a big baby .... If there is something I'm doing wrong, I hope to get some help. So if you know something I don't.... Thanks!. Nice dresses ladies!
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