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  1. Hi Cabara, I brought my own my own music on a cd. I wrote on the face of the cd Walk down aisle- marry me-train Walk back up aisle- somewhere over the rainbow- Israel kamawawi'ole (I'm not sure the exact spelling) The dj at our reception gave us a sheet to fill out for entrance, 1st dance, type of music we want played, what we didn't want played, end of night song...etc Hope this helps! Congratulations!!
  2. Quote: Originally Posted by Bride2B1130 *Disclaimer: I'm cross posting to get see if I can get a response* I sent out a question to Carolina but haven't got a response. I assume she is busy. Does anyone know the surface from the light post to the gazebo entrance. It looks like brick but I want to be sure before I click the "order" button for my aisle runner! Thank you! The surface is smoothe from the light post to the gazebo. The only part that is tricky to walk on is from where they drop you off to the light post. Is is large flat rocks with space between. People watch you walk up this so make sure you have your bridesmaids test it out with their shoes. I had my girls wear tall wedges and there may be only one picture of one of them looking up because they were afraid of falling. I at least had my dad to hold on to. As for the are for your runner it is a smooth area
  3. I did have a HUGE problem with my dress being steamed by them. #1 it came back while my fiance was in the room and I was showering and they only had a clear plastic bag over it, they hung it up on the bed. When I came out of the shower I was so upset because he was sitting right there. He did turn his back on the hanging dress because he knew I'd be upset if he seen it! #2 on the day of my wedding I took the plastic off the dress to find black smudges on the bottom and bodice of the dress, I left them as I didnt want to ruin my dress with a tide pen. I would NOT recommend having them steam your dress if you can get away with it!
  4. There were a few things I notice now that I didnt at the time but I asked for all the chairs to have blue sashes and I see that they do not. Also, I had asked for our reception chairs to be the black ones at the El Bohio but they used the white ones. Small things that didnt matter at the time but if you are particular make sure to let them know.
  5. Jenn963 and Jessica1005: Thank you. This is only some of the 1300 pictures I have. Yes, all of the decorations (chair covers, sashes, drapes and flowers) were included in the package. The $690 silver package for 50 ppl. The only extra expense we had was the DJ at $550 and the outside visitor day and night pass fee of $120 for our photographer from Ottawa. Her name is Eva Hadhazy and she is AMAZING!!!! Very good at what she does! Our ceremony was 15-20 mins. It was absolutley perfect! As I said by the pictures, I brought the confetti hearts, the floating candle, rocks (the resort provided the vase for floating candle and rocks at no charge) and the picture frame with saying, As well as the thank you cards for our guests on the tables with the clothes pin hanger. I brought my own cake topper as well that I made. I would recommend bringing something for the tables or renting from them otherwise it is only the candles you see in the pictures. My husband did not need a carry on so we used his allowance for a carry on to pack all of our wedding decorations and my shoes, umbrella, etc...
  6. Gazebo view from the beach The aisle to the gazebo Carolina did an amazing job at our symbolic ceremony Alcohol was served to everyone while they waited for the bridal party to arrive and a champagne toast after the ceremony Flowers brought from the signing table at the ceremony head table I brought a picture frame with a saying for those to be remembered, I brought the floating candle and the blue glass beads. They lent me the bowl to put it in. They brought this table from the ceremony site and set it up at the reception site. Table decorations with candles ,I brought the confetti i brought the heart confetti and the thankyou sayings The train brought people to and from the reception Chocolate and vanilla cake. They put the shells and ribbon on at no extra cost. I made the cake topper El Bohio Buffett Restaurant El Bohio at night with the DJ Our starter cesar salad, too bad it had anchovies on top Pork Medallions were a HIT!! Fruit Salad for dessert with our menu The DJ was amazing! The DJ handed out balloons and glow in the dark hats to everyone. They had a light system and everything. I would recommend the $550 package with DJ mania Hope these picts help out the planners out there!
  7. Hi, We had chosed the Crystal Wedding Package. We booked in 2012 when the package was for max 50ppl. I see now that it is at 8ppl.
  8. There are two options for the DJ Mania. $300 is the basic DJ mania $550 he hands out fun hats and balloons- DJ Mania was amazing!! Live music I would believe to believe to be a singer that they usually have at night in the reception bar area.
  9. Thanks Everyone!! It was absolutely amazing!! The resort is so great. It is quite large but it was perfect for everyone. We had the option of stay at 1 and play at 3 and I would highly recommend it so you can go to more pools then just the one in the Bavaro section. It gave us and our guests more of a choice for buffetts too! We were upgraded to a Romance Suite as well as a few other guests and they are gorgeous with the extra thatch roofes shower and hammock room!! We arrived Wed evening and there was a letter at the front desk when we checked in to meet with Carolina the next day at 12:00pm. We went to the hotel meeting at 10 where they explain everything about the hotel which was VERY helpful. I'd recommend your guests attend. Carolina was great. I didnt have to lift a finger. No worries at all. She showed us the areas to choose for our wedding and we had already picked the beack gazebo which was GORGEOUS!! I would totally recomend it. We chose our sashes that were sitting on a chair behind her. She put a book in front of us to pick from for flowers. There were a TON, prob close to 30 pages of boquets and I even changed my a bit to have blue lillies. No extra charge at all. Then we picked the cake and we picked chocloate and vanilla two layered cake with seashells and ribbons on it (I was told ribbon was an extra charge and it wasnt). I asked her to steam my dress as well and I had made heart confetti for the tables and had a guest book as well as a pict frame I wanted placed out at the ceremony and reception. I also brought a cd with the songs I wanted to walk down the aisle too, walk back up the aisle and for standing with ppl after the ceremony drinking champagne. I placed everything on my couch when we got back to the hotel room and it was picked up later that afternnon. I even asked for a vase for a floating candle beside my pict frame and it was no extra charge. She had quoted me an extra $10 for this vase before we arrived and she didnt charge us. There was no extra charge for the flowers you want, sash colours, or cakes. No extra charge for anything like she had said in the emails. Because we had 52 ppl attend we were actually given a private dinner at no extra charge. It is normally $1000. The dj set up next to the dinner and we danced the night away. At our meeting she took us to the La Uva where we'd have our dinner and dance. I asked for the black chairs (we didnt get them the night of the dinner but that was ok. I dont think there was enough for us) Carolina sent out invitations to all of our guests rooms explaining the events for our wedding day. It was greatly worded. Everyone knew when and where to be, We rec'd some as well since 3 of our guests did not rec any. Also we rec'd our vows that she had written. THEY WERE TEAR JERKING!!! She did an amazing job on them! Even my fiance was crying when he read them! This is how our day went: Our ceremony was at 4:00pm, dinner 6:30pm and dance 8:00pm I started getting ready at 12:00 (if you have all the girls (I had 3) getting ready in your room I would recommend earlier as we barely had enough time for pictures, I also had long hair which took a long time too! our photographer was rushing us!) 3:30pm all of our guests incl the groom and groomsmen met in the loby and were taken by a train to the ceremony site 3:50pm Carolina called my room to make sure we were there and she sent a cart and took us to the site 4:00pm ceremony- as soon as we arrived the guys were already at the front. Carolina had given our wedding bands to the MOH and BM. Carolinas asst was there to tell us when to walk. The ceremony was very tear jerking and gorgeous! They did amazing with the decor and Carolina did a good job speaking (we did a symbolic ceremony but no one knew, she made us sign a marriage paper and everything!) We did a champagne toast and all guests were taken back by train to the lobby and they all went to the Hemmingway Cocktail and Coffee Bar for an hour. 6:00 the train brough them back from the lobby to the la uva for our reception. The DJ Mania was amazing. He came out before we went in to make sure he got all of our names right to announce us walking in. Everyone did a little dance walking in too! We walked in, sat down and ate right awway. Then the DJ announced our wedding cake cutting. Our cake was delish. I had brought my own cake topper too. Then we said a thank you to everyone. Teh DJ was good too as he knew what to say and when to say it. He would come up to us and asked if we were ready to say thankyous or cut the cake. We were only at La Uva until 10 because it was BOILING HOT there! So we did get 3 1/2 hours out of him. They had balloons which they were making animals out of and hats all glow in the dark! It was so fun, kept the crowd going! I would reommend that you have someone gather up your things at the end of the night as I did not rec some of my stuff back. My sister grabbed my cake topper guest book and my pict frame. Everything else I had brought I never rec'd. They were amazing though at setting up all the decorations I had brought. I had given her a note with my dress just saying how I wanted the confetti over all of the tables. If you want decorations on the table other then candles I would recommend bringing something. As well as a cake topper and a Guest book. I also made my guys buotinneres and my girls had umbrellas instead of flowers. All I can say is that there truly is NO need to worry. They are amazing at what they do. Our symbolic ceremony was $690 and it had everything you need. Do not upgrade to the extras if you dont have too! We paid to have an open bar at the La Uva which is $15 pp. That ended usp $690 as they do not count pop drinkers Then our DJ was $550 Then a day pass and a night pass of $120 for our photogrpher (not the $500 she quoted! She didnt even ask) That was everything!! Hope this helps everyone!! If you have anymore questions please let me know!! Have Fun Planning and REALLY DO NOT WORRY!!
  10. Congrats Gene Martin! Carolina did tell me there was a wedding going on on the Thurs and to come and watch but we couldnt make it! It looked beautiful! Arent they the greatest!!
  11. Sorry these arent the greatest but I dont have all my pictures until next week. I will post more once I rec them! The first 2 pictures are of the hemmingway cocktail coffee bar where everyone went for cocktails between the ceremony and the reception. The second picture shows the sashes and my bouquet The thrid pict is our receptopn at the La Uva. When I rec my pictures back from the photographer I will post more!
  12. The Royal Suites is the only adults only resort for the Grand Palladium Punta Cana The Bavaro, Punta Cana and Palace section are all family sections. We booked the Bavaro section and would highly recommend it as there are only 4 rooms per building as the punta cana section and the palace section are more like 30 rooms per building. The Bavaro was amazing and we booked so the it was stay at 1 play at 3. We got to go to all the resorts but the Royal Suites. We did take a train through it though and the swim out rooms looked really nice but otherwise it looked pretty much the same as our Bavaro section.
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