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    Iberostar Bavaro 2013

    Hi Marie-Eve, I just emailed you the photographer's info. I am having a simbolic wedding - on the beach because I did not like the other location - it's a garden not a gazebo. For the OOT bags will let you guys know as soon as I start buying and what i'll end up with I want too much... but having to carry stuff out there is going to cost a lot so we'll see when I start purchasing. I would want to start now but I don't have a total # of guests and somethings can be hard to find later and i want to be to as equal as possible. Hi AndyB, I am also planning to do the passport invitation... I am going to buy the template from http://www.ayleebits.com/2009/03/09/passport-invitation-template/ the $10 one. What colors are you having on your wedding? I'll post pictures as soon as I get started. Happy Planning and let me know if I can be of any help to you - and everyone else here of course Best Regards, Eva
  2. Absolutely love them!! Great Job! Can't wait to get started on mine
  3. Congrats Sagesma! So I've heard back from my WC @ Iberostar and this is what she's come back with : Sky Lanterns are not allowed Cigar Rollers are available and she's looking into their pricing and will get back to me with that info. Only white table cloths are available for free, they do carry 3 colors, Aqua, Fuschia and Orange for $10USD per table Sashes are also available in these 3 colors for a $3UDS fee per chair You are welcome to bring your own table decoration/sashes For center pieces they have two options of which I did not like any... she has requested a picture of what I want/like to get a price quote from the florist The menu at the steakhouse is limited but if you work with them and give them a heads up on your total number of guests they will accommodate you just push... because if you are paying to privatize the restaurant for your wedding only they must go out of their way for you even if they don't tell you up front. Just push push for what YOU want! Remember this is YOUR wedding day and you are spending YOUR $ at a resort that is already all inclusive! So don't give up and just be clear, always ask for what your options are whether you have to pay extra or not because ultimately you'll be the one to decide what you want and can go forward with! So be nice but be stern and you'll get what you want. Happy Planning!
  4. HI Ladies! Has anyone looked into any "extras" other than the flowers, corsages... what they send on ex. Cigar Rollers? My sister had someone at her wedding 2 years ago and it was a hit! Also are sky lanterns allowed? Just wondering if anyone has asked these questions already, I'm waiting on my reply from the WC. I'll post as soon as I hear back from her take care! Eva
  5. Hi Jadee, I know exactly what you mean because I feel the same about spending too much at the resort - it's already all inclusive! I have booked my wedding for July 2013 at the Iberostar Bavaro. The prices are AMAZING!! And the service I have received so far is awesome! Anyway I'll give you a brief breakdown... The wedding package for 15ppl is 1250, you can have your reception privatized at one of their restaurants for either $850 or $1000 depending on the restaurant. Each additional person is $12 and kids under 13yrs old are $6 DJ service is $700 for 3 hours Cocktail hr ranges from $13 to $24 (they have 4 different packages you can choose from) This is just the basics - if you or anyone would like the Iberostar Bavaro wedding package info PM me and I will forward everything the WC has given me so far. I thought about looking into the Melia but seems like the prices are a little out of my league... we are trying our best to pay cash for everything... being that it's my fiance and I paying for it all. Iberostar Bavaro may not me modern 100% but everyone I know that has visited it has great things to say about it and the more I think about it the more I know my group will make the best of it no matter where we are. I just have to keep this in mind and STOP looking around bc there's way too much to do now that it's confirmed. Happy planning ladies! xo Eva
  6. Eva1love

    Iberostar Bavaro 2013

    Congratulations missroxy! I have to tell you it's been great working with Magdalena at Iberostar Grand. She really is amazing and understands our needs. I must say that when deciding on a wedding date give yourself a few options. They only have 1 ceremony per day and because they seem to have the best prices out there for wedding packages they book pretty fast. I wanted a 7/13/13 date and when I sent a request last week she told me Sat the 13th and the following 3 Saturdays were already booked... So I went with Friday the 12th of July because August is known for tropical storms now I'm just praying and keeping my fingers crossed for no rain or not one that will hinder us from having all the activities we want on our wedding day. So now that that's all settled I'm starting to organize my wedding binder with the gazillion ideas I have.... narrowing down everything to 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice. I'll post pictures as soon as I get going with my things... I have pricing info from the resort on the wedding packages and extras as well as prices for the resort/land and photographer if anyone is interested PM me and I will share with you. Btw, are any of you doing oot bags? have you decided on what you will have for your guests? And are you also doing favors for the wedding? i'm debating on this... Happy planning... ttys Eva
  7. Eva1love

    Iberostar Weddings

    Wedding Date confirmed!!! woohooo!!! now the planning can officially begin!!
  8. Eva1love

    Iberostar Bavaro 2013

    So excited!!! my date has been confirmed!!! woohoo!!!!!!!
  9. Eva1love

    Iberostar Weddings

    Hey Ashley! Congrats!! Jen is the absolute best! she sent me the package info as well. I also heard back from the resort, I am just waiting on confirmation of the date. My top 2 dates were taken so I'm waiting on now on a third date... I have to say they are really great about getting back to you quickly. I will tell you though that if you have a date picked out you should email them asap. They only host one wedding a day, so hurry Best of Luck! I'll post any info I get this way we all help each other out. until soon, Eva
  10. Congrats Ladies!! These pictures look awesome! I'm now starting to look into this resort... for my July 2013 wedding. Is anyone able to share the wedding packages pricing along with the extra services? I have about 100ppl attending and I really need to see what resort will give me the better deal for such a large group. please please if anyone has any info and can share it it will be GREATLY appreciated thanks in advance, Eva Peguero evapeguero620@gmail.com
  11. Eva1love

    Iberostar Bavaro 2013

    Hi Ladies Congratulations!!! I'm looking into this resort as well... For July... AndyB would you be able to share the wedding package prices and any info regarding extra wedding services? I'm planning on calling the resort today and see if the wedding coordinator will be able to give me some info. As for the travel packages, I'm also contacting my TA on this. I had previously looked into the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Deluxe but I feel their prices for all the extras are too much... not sure of what to do... sooo stressed. My email is evapeguero620@gmail.com thanks in advance for your help. Regards, Eva
  12. So bummed out about the sky lanterns... I also had my heart set on them! looking for other options now... thanks ladies!
  13. Has anyone inquired about Sky Lanterns... I would love to use them at some point in the night... just wondering
  14. Thank you ladies so much!! It's great to have a ball park figure because many guests have children and they have to plan ahead. Thanks again!
  15. Eva1love

    OOT welcome letter

    i'm def. borrowing and tweaking... great letter! thank you!