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  1. Hi everyone! Well, my wedding at Sandos is only one week away! Lupita the wedding planner has been amazing through everything, answering all my questions promptly, etc. I am excited to meet her. Does anybody have any gift suggestions for a wedding planner? I am returning home May 4th so will give you all an update shortly after that!
  2. Wow everyones photos look amazing! I can't wait to get there! My wedding day is on April 26th.. I think I have everything pretty much done except I need to figure out my songs for the ceremony.. I have the song picked that I want to walk down the isle to but for the rest of the ceremony/champage toast songs, does anybody have any ideas??? I am not good at this! Thanks
  3. Hi Jessamaka! I soo look forward to your review! I am getting married at Sandos is 6 weeks! I am still a little uncertain about where to have the dinner... for now, I have booked the Italian restaurant but am curious about the Gourmet ones too.
  4. Hi Emma I am curious about the Styling Trio that did your hair and makeup. I have heard not so great reviews about the hair and makeup stylist at the resort and am looking for other options. I had inquired about having my makeup and hair done with another outside vendor but found they were super expensive - $140 just for makeup. So if you could share some more information on about the people that did yours that would be appreciated!
  5. HI Ladies, I am too getting married at this resort. My date is set for April 26! Maybe I will see you there! How many people do you have coming and what do you plan on doing after the dinner? Thanks!
  6. Hi, THe photographer that I went with had three different package options..... The first option was around $950 for 2 hours of photography with you and groom.. The second option (the one I went with) is around $1400 - this give you 4 hours of photography and includes family in the photos too. Not sure what the 3rd option was.... It seems a bit pricey for me and not really how much I wanted to pay, but after I seen my friend's photos, I really wanted to stick with his photographer. Pictures are really important to me and I don't have anyone in the family with a really good camera to take pics, so this is why I went with the package! I ran into some old friends over the holidays and they actually stayed at Sandos this last April and they said the resort was amazing too! I am very happy with choosing this resort Quote: Originally Posted by Chrisanthi You made me feel much better! I looked into the resort photographer but it seems to be somewhat expensive for what you get! Do you mind me asking what your photographer is charging? We are thinking of going with a base package and gathering photos from our guests. We are definitely going to rent out the disco after dinner. It just seems to be the easiest way to keep everyone together and have a somewhat 'traditional' reception feel. My fiance's parents were able to visit the resort and really liked the disco, so fingers crossed!!
  7. Hi there! I am getting married at Sandos in 16 weeks and I haven't really done too much planning, so don't feel behind!!! I just sent out my wedding invitations over Christmas.. I know I am pretty late with getting those out but not the end of the world, I guess. I have been told to send out invitations at least 6 months prior for destination weddings....I guess it is really up to you. I only have about 20-30 people max coming to mine. Over the holidays I spent time picking out my flowers, etc., from the packages Lupita sent me. So pretty soon I will be emailing her with my choices. Lupita sent me a flower booklet to look at so you can ask her for that. I sent Lupita a picutre of a boquet I really like but her florist said it would be $200 as the flowers weren't in season there. So be careful what you pick...just make sure you ask! I am going with gerber daisies as they are not an extra cost. I think there are only a couple different choices for the cake..- again, just ask Lupita..I think there are only 2-3 different choices. I am sure they could make you whatever you want, but it would probably cost extra. I am just going with the vanilla cake. My girlfriend got married at the Reef Playacar last year and she used Sian Photography for her wedding. They are in Playa Del Carmen. Her photos turned out amazing! However, you have to pay an additional $77 for a day pass for external vendors and now I see the resort is charging and extra $300 as well for outside photographer because they have one at the resort. I am sure the photographer from the resort would be fine but I really liked how my friend's pictures turned out and wanted to use the same guy. I was lucky in that Lupita said she will waive the $300 fee for me because I booked my photographer before this new policy came in place. Anyways, I only haev 16 weeks to go and I am very overwhelmed too! So much to think of!! Let me know how your planning goes! I am still pondering with the ideas of what to do after the dinner....
  8. Just some more information for you all, Lupita informed me yesterday that there is a fee for using external photographers. I had a bit of a flip out because I have already booked and paid for an external photographer from Playa Del Carmen (not cheap!) and that I was never told by Maria (the wedding coordinator who left) about this. This fee is an extra $300 so you can see why I am freaking... Lupita said she would ask to get my fee waived because I booked mine prior to knowing this. I hope it all works out because I do not feel I should have to pay for it... Anyways, enough with my venting.... Just thought I'd let everyone know!!!
  9. Hi JMLS! So glad to see another review on here as I am getting married April 26, 2012 at Sandos. I was really unsure about whether or not to rent the disco... I like your idea of just hanging out after dinner until the disco opens; it sounds like that seemed to work for you. Did you get to have a "first dance" at the disco even though you did not rent it? Was your ceremony in English or Spanish? Thanks!
  10. Wedding4Mexico

    wedding at Sandos Playacar Beach Riviera maya in June 2012.

    Hi bambi17, The wedding coordinator did get back to me quickly. However, when I booked my wedding, there were two planners, Maria & Lupita, and Maria has since left. One of the reasons I picked the resort was because of Maria so I was really sad that she left; however, Lupita has been really great to work with and she does get back to you in a timely manner sometimes...there have been a few times she takes a while but she apologizes for the wait and I think really tries her best. When I booked my wedding in Septemer, there were a few dates in May to pick from.. most of the weekend were taken up but a few days during the week were open. But I think since you are already on a holiday and in MExico, who cares what day of the week you get married! Good luck!
  11. Wedding4Mexico

    wedding at Sandos Playacar Beach Riviera maya in June 2012.

    Hi there, I am also getting married at Sandos next year! My date is April 26th... I am also looking for advice or suggestions for after dinner party. I am only having about 20 people at the wedding so not sure what to do! Let me know if you have had any suggestions! Thanks!
  12. Hi there! I am also getting married at Sandos either April 26 or May 3rd.. I haven't confirmed my travel yet, but can't wait as it should be confirmed soon! I am very excited! I have read such great reviews about the wedding coordinator, Maria, and have been in contact with her. She is very friendly and answers all my questions in a timely manner.
  13. Hi TropicLover! I see that you are getting married at the Ocean Turquesa in May 2012. I am currently checking the availablity for May 2012 at this resort for my wedding! I have been having such a hard time picking a resort!!! Do you know anybody who has stayed there before? I really don't know much about the Peurto Morales area. I am more familiar with Playa Del Carmen and was looking at Sandos Playacar resort for my wedding.