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  1. Let me start off by saying my situation is a little different from most! My family (including my parents, one of my aunts, and one of my cousin's family), one of my best friends, and a few other people that are friends with my mom or cousin have already planned to go on vacation to Nassau in August of 2012. My bf and I have been talking about getting married for a while now but just haven't made it official. Long story short...the idea came up for us to get married while we are there on vacation since I have always wanted a DW and this would obviously save us some $$$. With that being said...We have discussed this with our closest friends and family and they are on board but I'm not sure if we should send invites out to the rest of our family and friends that probably couldn't make it anyway. I discussed this with my mother and she said there was no need to spend the money on it because those that could afford to go would already be there which is a good point because the entire family was invited to go. However, I hate to have anyone get their feelings hurt because they weren't invited. The other problem with this is we have already booked the condos we are staying in and they are completely full with those of us who were originally going; therefore, any other guests would have to stay somewhere else. Bad thing about this is the condos we are staying in are on the opposite side of the island from the rest of the hotels and resorts that I have found. My next issue is the MOH issue. Because it will be such a small group of us (approx 20 ppl) I was only going to have one person standing with me and one with him. I have already talked to the person I want to stand with me but another of my best friends, who also has already committed to the trip, has hinted to me that she wants to stand up with me. I don't want to hurt her feelings because she is one to get hurt easily. Also there is a pretty good chance her 2 young daughters will be there with her so I'm not sure who she would have watch them. I thought about using this as the reason for not having her as a bridesmaid but then if her girls aren't able to go what is my reason then. I have spoke to the friend I have chosen to be my MOH about this (we are all mutual friends) and she agrees that the other friend will be hurt and has offered to step down and let the other friend take her place. Do I really wanna choose my MOH by who won't get their feelings hurt though? I hope that wasn't too confusing! Sorry this is so long...any input or advice would be wonderful!
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