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    HI from Chicago :)

    Welcome! I am a Newbie from Chicago as well Who has had a wedding in August?! I WAS excited to start searching for our DW to be held in Punta Cana but then I was informed it is rainy/hurricane season So I am not sure if i should go with out Punta Cana location or perhaps change to Riviera Maya? Punta Cana vs. Riviera Maya in early August?! Anyone know of a travel agent in Chicago?!
  2. Cocobride17


    Newbie here! We are looking into an August wedding 2012. We can't seem to decide if Punta Cana or Riviera Maya will be the one. What has been experience in either location? Weather in August?
  3. Cocobride17

    Best time of year to visit DR?

    Has anyone had their wedding in the beginning of August?! We Really want our wedding in Punta Cana but have heard that it is the rain/hurricane season in August? Sooo we were thinking we might take into consideration Riviera Maya (Mexico) ... Has anyone had an August wedding in either Punta Cana or Riviera Maya? What was the weather like?
  4. Hello Ladies! I am sooo happy I found this website! I got engaged to the love of my life this past May. We are just starting to plan/search for a destination wedding. However, I am having a difficult time deciding where to have it! We want our wedding in August if possible Early August. I was super excited because I thought we had found our place in Punta Cana BUT our date is no longer available and then I hear they have rain/hurrican season in August. Now I am not sure if we should stick with Punta Cana or try Riviera Maya (Mexico) Pls HELP! Experience from those who married in August? Punta Cana or Riviera Maya in August? Any feedback would be helpful at this point. I feel like I am wayyy behind in planning and am pushing to get a nice family location for our hopefully August 2012 wedding.