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  1. hi ladies, I couldnt help but notice this thread... Im a 2013 bride but also a Personal Trainer / receptionist and mother and know how life gets in the way of best intentions sometimes! It sounds like your all doing fantastic and the group support thing is a fantastic idea! What I recommend to my client who are mostly bride to be's or new mums that want to loose weight is to firstly switch theie portion size for lunch and dinner... most ppl tend to have a light lunch and a heavy dinner!! switch these around as u are more active during the day so will get more opportunity to b
  2. Please accept my apologies firstly if everything im about to ask has already been posted somewhere else... im a newbie here!! Im planning to get married in PP in May 2013. Firstly does anyone have the email add for the lady who deals with the weddings? I have read a few reviews that say its a battle to get the day and time you want for the ceremony! Also (i know its crude to talk £ but...) I havent been able to find prices of reception packages anywhere! even through my Travel Agent! If someone has a break down of options or happens to know of a few choices it would be a great hel
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