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  1. I received a few emails about the bridal suite and the escort cards I used. In case this info is helpful to any other brides, here is my response. Question: I was just wondering where you got your escort cards done? I thought it was such a cute idea. Also, did you get ready in the bridal suite? If so, was it worth the money? Answer: I actually printed the escort cards out myself with a template I found on Martha Stewards website. Here's the link. http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/print/273323 About the bridal suite I would say it was worth it. I wanted to get dressed separate from my fiancé and he used our room at the reserve for him and his grooms men. I will admit if you can get your partner to use a different location and you use your hotel room that would probably be better. You will have everything you need and will probably feel more at home. The bridal suite is close to both wedding locations and although much smaller than I expected it was great to not have to worry about where my girls and I were getting ready. It's also great for taking pictures. It's kind of set up for great picture taking with the large light fixture and decorative mirrors. Had I got dressed in a bridesmaid's room we would have had to clear most of their stuff out to make it presentable. I did a first look shoot before the wedding and being on the main resort made it less stressful since the suite is central to everything. I will say I wasn't impressed with it but I was happy we all had a place to meet and hang before the wedding. If possible bring an iPod speaker dock. It was a big help to have my own music playing instead of the boring hotel music and the makeup artists loved it. Here's a packing check list I found on theKnot.com. It was such a huge help I feel I must share it. http://images.theknot.com/travelromance/pdf/packlist.pdf
  2. Hi...You will LOVE your wedding and the Romance department. I worked mainly with Rosa and she was amazing. The Apollo Foyer was actually perfect. It was a private, spacious and felt like it was outside even though it was covered. The only problem was we couldn't have our interactive BBQ, but that was ok. I was the only one who knew it was going to happen. So...The bridal suite was nice, a lot smaller than I expected but it was nice to be so close to the ceremony location. Are you and your future husband staying on the Reserve or the main hotel? Also will you be getting your makeup done? It was nice to have the space because the makeup artist came to me instead of me having to go to the spa, but that wouldn't have been the worst thing in the world. It was also nice to have a space to get dressed separate from my fiance and it made for nice pictures. My fiance used our reserve room to get dressed with his groomsmen. Bottom line not worth it of you have an extra room to get dressed in, after the fact my fiance mentioned we would have saved money just booking a room for the day. I upgraded the cake so I would have the third layer, that I think was worth it, just for the visual effect. By the way the cake was delicious. I really wasn't it to taste as good as it did. I also brought the cake flowers (purchased from Etsy http://www.etsy.com/listing/65413106/couture-clay-made-to-order-clay-hibiscus?) the ribbon. DJ Mannia was amazing!! I gave him a list of songs he had to play, along with a list of artists I liked and a list of the type of music I didn't want to hear. The music was perfect and everyone had a great time. I can send you the list I sent him if it helps at all. You can at least use the format to help pull your list together. Hope this helps, email me if you need more material. I'm so happy to talk wedding stuff with you. I met some great people who helped me and I want to pay it forward. indiahaggins11@icloud.com Happy Planning!!!
  3. Hi ladies, I just got married at PPL on November 11. Here are a few facebook albums of my wedding. I sharing all of my pictures because it was so difficult to find any when I was planning. Happy planning everyone, you will all absolutely love it over there! Facebook Albums https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4510132348074.177893.1133559105&type=1&l=b709e87f30 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4511480341773.177915.1133559105&type=1&l=289407cfd7 https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.4511532543078.177917.1133559105&type=1&l=64c743e8d8
  4. I'm flying American. I've heard stories of brides being able to leave their dresses in the overhead compartment. I would just arrive early. Well, best of luck with your wedding, I'm sure it will be amazing!!
  5. November 11, but my wedding is at the Palma Real resort. Ill be leaving from Jersey on Nov 6. Ill be the one with the wedding dress :-)
  6. I'm also leaving on Tuesday. Perhaps we will be on the same flight to Punta Cana :-) I'd love to see you packing list. Maybe we can check our list against eachother to make sure we bring everything. Hope you're safe in Jersey, Sandy is serious. Email me if you'd like to join forces.
  7. YAY Ladies!!! it's so soon. Congrats, lets make sure to post our pictures when we all get back.
  8. These are so great!! How did you distribute your bags? The hotel charges a fee to leave them in the rooms any other ideas?
  9. WOW!! $500 that's crazy. I guess no grooms cake for him. Thanks for your help Allie.
  10. WOW!! $500 that's crazy. I guess no grooms cake for him. Thanks for your help Allie.
  11. Has anyone heard about ways to ship items to DR? I'd love to send a grooms cake (Juniors Cheese Cake) to Paradisus Palma Real in Punta Cana. Any advice?
  12. Hey ladies...I'm still trying to find my first dance and father-daughter dance song. Have you all made your final decisions yet?
  13. Thanks for the responses guys!! I'll definitely check out your suggestions. I was able to get a great price for myself and my FI but a lot of my my guests are pulling out because of airfare. I've become somewhat of a personal travel agent. Thanks again!!
  14. Amazing!! Have you guys decided on your first dance song? My FI and I are having the hardest time selecting a song, he loves R Kelly and I like something more like Alisha Keys or Eric Bennet. Any suggestions ladies?
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