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  1. Hi Kim, They did have face clothes in the room. Small towels and wash clothes, we upgraded to the Club Diamond, so maybe only in those rooms? But I found the maids to be VERY hit and miss! Some days we would get face towels and sometimes we would not! Providing them for your group might be a good idea!!
  2. ACDC! We fly in on the 10th and out on the 17th in the afternoon. Our wedding is at 3:00 pm. We also got travel mugs for the guests, and aren't really getting into too much detail with anything else. We have some little decorations for the table and we are getting chair ties but that is about it. We each only have 2 people standing up with us so it will be a nice and intimate wedding party. We have the little things left to do as well. We are not going to write our own vows, so that is a huge relief. And we are going to keep speeches short and to a minimum! I am getting so excited! It is good to know that there isn't a steamer there. I may bring one. I am just afraid my dress will be a mess from the plane ride! Time is flying!
  3. ACDC, We will see you down there! When do you fly in and out? We fly out the day after your wedding so I may have to take a sneak peak! How are you doing for planning? I am getting soooo excited!
  4. We arrive on the 10th... I think we will get there around noon? When do you flight out! We may just miss each other!
  5. Thanks for all the replies!! That made my fiance and his friends VERY happy!! They were going to go out and buy boat shoes... but this made his night! Less than 40 days to go so I may have some more questions! lol
  6. Quick question about footwear for men. We have advised our group that long pants are required for a la carte and the reception, and we have heard men are also not permitted to wear sandals in the a la carte restaurants? Did you find that to be true, or were the men able to get away with long pants and sandals? Just curious!
  7. Good Morning, I am wondering if the "shopping mall" at the resort sells alcohol? We were looking to get some bottles of wine for our wedding party. I am wondering if that is even possible or if I should perhaps talk to Chandlyn to see if we can get some? Or we may have to go into Ochio Rios? Thanks!
  8. Brides, I just wanted to share a website that we just recently placed an order on. It is a huge wedding magazine you can get in Shoppers for $10, but if you go to www.weddingstar.com it has absolutely everything from cake toppers to paper place card cut outs. It was amazing to order from. We placed an order last Tuesday and got the shipment on Thursday after lunch. Speedy, carefully packed, we were highly impressed. Really decent prices too. Just thought I would share!!
  9. Thanks Ashely. I may have to follow up with her. We are going with the Blissful Love Package, and at the end of the email in which I confirm the package, Chandlyn just said "Everything is ok. See you soon.!!" I have emailed our travel agent to see if any of her other brides that have gotten married at this resort have put down a deposit! 45 days to go!
  10. Hi Tamandrob. We have requested the Dolce, I am nervous Chandlyn is going to switch ours as well. How many people do you have for your reception dinner? I am sure any of the restaurants will be wonderful, but it is hard when you have your heart set on something. Can't wait to hear about your wedding!
  11. Hi Kristo, We have booked Roan Robinson. roandesigns@gmail.com His website is http://roanphotography.com/ Because he is supposively "up and coming" his prices were really reasonable. He has been a pleasure to deal with so far, we had to put a 25% deposit down which made me nervous but he was very professional and we received a recepit indicating he picked up the money transfer and also an invoice showing what was paid and what is remaining.
  12. Hi Ladies! We are getting married in March and I believe Chandlyn has everything she needs. We have let her know what wedding package we want and we have sent the information sheets and our notarized birth certificates and passports. I was looking at the wedding packages today and I noticed at the bottom it says that a 25% deposit is required to confirm wedding. We haven't been asked to provide any type of credit card in order to place a deposit. Has anyone else put down a deposit? Recently married brides were you asked to provide a deposit before you left????? Thanks!!!!
  13. HI ladies, I have a question about speeches. Is everyone planning to do speeches at dinner or is that something you are saving for receptions when you get back home (ours is in the summer)? past brides what did you ladies do? We are in the Dolce so from what I understand from posts it should be private enough to allow for speeches. We just don't want them to be too long! Looking forward to hearing your opinions!
  14. Thank you acw! After I posted I remembered it was you that provided that information, I apologize. I will contact him and see if he is able to help us out. We might plan a couple of excursions as some may prefer to go to the falls, vs horseback riding. Therefore our groups may be smaller! Thank you again for all the helpful information!
  15. AngelaandTrevor, Thank you for your response. Would you be able to provide me with the name of place you went, cost, contact information, etc? It sounds absolutely perfect!