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  1. Boy am I glad for this thread. It was my intention to give all rings to the best man and call it a day....
  2. $7 - 10 per cupcake?!? What - will there be a gold nugget inside each one? lol...jeez...
  3. Thanks for the pics My FI wants to know what the fit is for the pants. Classic?
  4. I recently went to a wedding where they had cupcakes instead of a cake - and it was absolutely wonderful. Great idea!
  5. Hi Laurelyn, I read your post and took a pic for you...not sure how I managed to turn it on its side, but that's another story for another day...lol... My FI also has a Le Chateau pants. Comparing it against the swatches, Tropical English Beige (bottom left) is the best match. Hopefully that helps!
  6. Thanks Jessica4LUXE...I'll be happy to check it out. Gotta love the deals!
  7. Mwise...this is a fabulous thread here! You have some great ideas; thanks for taking the time to share with all of us . You've also convinced me to let the FI keep his Le Chateau linen suit...your guys look so dapper in them, how could I have possibly thought to change my mind on that?!?
  8. My FI and I are trying to figure this out this very same issue as well. Initially, we weren't interested in having any kind of registry, but guess what? At this point we're getting questions about why we don't want to register anywhere. And as mentioned in previous posts, that leaves out those who can't make the cruise - and they will most likely want to provide a present. With all of that being said, it looks like we're going to give in and do the registry thing...
  9. That's exciting! Hearing positive comments about Vistaprint has piqued my interest...checking it out now
  10. I know that's right, AquaCat. I walked into the Mississauga location and I still can't explained what happened or how I manage to spend what I spent. I sure did have some 'splaining to do to the Mister! lol.
  11. FI was so excited about tungsten for months (because he works with his hands and thought Tungsten was better for those reasons), but somehow left with a white gold band today. Don't know how that happened (lol) but for me, I was concerned about the tungsten cracking in two if it should absorb a heavy impact, or even worse, his inability to get the ring off at all in an emergency! Or weight gain...
  12. Ohhhh...thanks GregsBride for mentioning this. Maybe I'll stick with the $99 suit (I was leaning towards the Irish blend).
  13. Thank you Lasalle...I didn't know the pouch holder thingy would be such a hit. I was going to go with regular room key holders, but this sounds even better!
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