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  1. Hi Vancouver bride, My wedding is 10 days before yours!! We fly back home on the day of your wedding! Can't believe how soon it is all coming around, so exciting!! Although I feel I still am a bit in limbo with a few things. We have booked garden gazebo but still need to sort out options for cocktail and evening reception. Gemma x
  2. Hi all, I'm due to fly out to La Romana in 7 weeks for my wedding Just had a few questions I wondered if anyone could give some advice 1. What are the location options for the reception I know there is seaside deck (which I believe you have to pay for) and like beach or pool. Is there anywhere else?? 2. Do they do a buffet/BBQ option and if so does anyone know how much pp? 3. Has anyone used the resort for hair and makeup? 4. Do I need to send translated documents out with me prior to arrival or do I just take them with me? I think this is all for know if anyone can help that would be great. Its getting so close and I feel like I have little information to what I should be doing. I'm getting nervous I will not do something! Thanks in advance Gemma x
  3. Hi all, I wonder if anyone can help me!! I'm due to get married at Dreams in just over 4 months and just wondered if anyone could point me in the right direction of where I go with sorting out all the legal side of the wedding. I have spoken with a company that do an all in package but this was alot more than I was expecting to pay so was looking a doing all the legals myself but don't really know where to start with this. Any help from previous brides that has done this themselves would be most appreciated. Thanks in advance Gemma
  4. Hi Amurka, Thanks for the info. I may look into doing that also as it is such alot of money to spend. There's so many things I need to find out don't really know where to start lol. This forum has been a really good starting point though. I'm really grateful of all the info and help :-) We are from Hertfordshire. Thanks again
  5. Hi Ladies, Can any brides from the UK recommended anyone that does all the legal stuff and like the translations bits and bobs? Had a quote from the company that Thomas Cook recommended and was £1200 which I thought was really expensive is this about the right price or is this way over the top? Thanks x
  6. LIST OF WEDDINGS IN DREAMS LA ROMANA anudrm (Selina) 12 November 2011 DreamsBride2011 (Katie) November 11th, 2011 (reception November 12th, 2011) Sabrina December 17, 2011 Chanelo February 24th 2012 Amurka 6th March 2012 Cynthia (CynMay2012) - May 4th 2012 brendee2005 May 5th, 2012 soccer1615 July 5th 2012 Romana uk 2012 September 7th 2012 gem2wed2012 October 19th 2012 jess819 November 9th, 2012 Jessicalynneh November 10th, 2012 Wow hoo!!! Have just had a confirmed date from Jenny so have added myself to the list
  7. Hi i'm also getting married at DLR in October 2012 so exciting can't wait!! :-) xx
  8. Hi. I'm also a new 2012 bride we have justed booked for our wedding at Dreams La Romana for October 2012, very excited :-) Would be great to get some inspiration and advice from past and present brides. Have started my dress shopping this week which was great and been looking at colours and bits xx
  9. Hi all future brides from the UK getting married in 2012 :-) I to am getting married in 2012 in October at Dreams La Romana We have just done the finally bit of booking with Thomas Cook and I am know starting to look at dresses and colours etc........ trying to get some inspiration (I'm such an indecisive person). Looking forward to sharing any ideas and info with future brides x
  10. Can anyone recommend a professional hairstylist and make-up artist other than the resort one. I have found some that will travel to the Dominican but think this will prove quite expensive after accommodation and travelling costs so one based in DR would be better. Thanks
  11. Lovely pictures I love the idea of coloured shoes looks amazing x
  12. Hi Miss Sunshyne, I'm getting married next October in Domincan Republic and as hair and make-up are very important to me I would be willing to pay the extra to have a professional makeup artist and hair stylist as i'm concerned about the stylist within the resort. I have contact the artists you have spoke about but if you could give me anymore information that would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance
  13. Hello, would just like to introduce myself as a future DLR Bride for 2012 I have been reading alot of the info that has been posted on DLR and have been so happy with all the reviews. I have just booked to have my wedding there in Oct 2012...........very exciting :-) Thanks for all the info so far I have learnt so much already and can't wait to start planning my own wedding there!! Look forward to speaking and sharing ideas with current and future Brides.
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