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  1. Thanks:-) you would think but it does not look good. I may be a Moon Palace bride which isn't bad I just really loved the venue at Dreams.
  2. So as my guests are beginning to book for my wedding my TA informs them that children are not free in 2012 AFTER I already told everyone children under 12 are free (of course she told me they were). Very very sad I may have to cancel dreams as my resort for my wedding.
  3. Does anyone know he current cost to bring in a outside vendor to Dreams? I have booked Juan and I need to know the cost:-)
  4. There work was very beautiful. do you have any additional links of there work? Who is the actual photographer at dreams cancun? I think you are beginning to sway me to them! lol
  5. My wedding date is April 27 2012 and I went with Juan as well. I like his work and he use to work there so I am sure he knows the best places for the most authentic/beautiful scenery shots.
  6. I wish I would have done a site visit. My wedding is April 27th and I am extremely nervous since I have never been their before (I usually prefer palace resorts but I fell in love with the gaezbo). My wedding is very intimate and small, how are they will smaller weddings? Do you still receive the same attention as a larger wedding? Anyone?
  7. I believe Cecilia is the only WC and she is extremely slow in regards to answering questions but I hear she is awesome one you arrive (at least I HOPE so) lol
  8. That is such a neat idea to have a brunch. I only have about 15 people attending as well and I was wondering how I should arrange a welcome dinner but a welcome brunch sound fab! Does anyone know how much they charge for a rehearsal? I figured we could just dine out afterwards I dont need to plan it.
  9. Hi Brenda my wedding is scheduled for April 27th and I do not have any of that stuff. Could you email me the bouquets and sites of Gaezbo and terrance? I'm not sure if I want the club terrace or the garden. Of course if you wouldn't mind:-)
  10. how would you rate the food at dreams cancun? wedding reception and restuarants in general
  11. Does it matter if your guest stay at a different palace resort from where the ceremony takes place? If I decide to book at cancun but a few of my guest stay at sun palace (adult only) do I have to purchase a day pass?
  12. I absolutely love these! I am oblivious thought, what is etsy?
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