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  1. Here are two pictures from our reception at Zocallo Terrace. We had a guest book table and photo booth on the entrance to the terrace. We brought the lanterns, had picture frames with the table numbers and maracas on the tables. We didn't bother with any centerpieces. We just used our flowers from the ceremony on our table and the guest book table. There was another wedding on the day before ours, and they had a different set up. They didn't cover the chairs and I think the tables were different. I guess it all depends on how many people you will have and what you want it to look like. We had 28 altogether.
  2. Azul Sensatori Brides - POST HERE!
  3. We got married this year in January. The weather at night was quite cool and windy. There was a cold front that came in when we were there. We were supposed to have our reception at Zavaz Plaza, but changed it the day before the wedding to Zocallo Terrace because the temperature was too cold. It turned out to be wonderful and we had a great time. It was definitely warmer and it really felt private. We were so glad we changed it to this location and our guests loved it. The only thing I would suggest is to get extra lighting if you are having it there. We could have used it for speeches and pictures.
  4. Hi there, We used Caribe photos because that is all we could afford. We were very happy with how the pictures came out! We also hired their videographer and the video also turned out great. We got all our pics and video before we left Mexico which was a huge bonus! Hope this helps! H
  5. carsns38

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    So exciting! They did a wonderful job for us. You will also love the resort! We will be returning in March for our honeymoon! Make sure to go to the beach party...so much fun. Congrats!
  6. carsns38

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    So exciting! They did a wonderful job for us. You will also love the resort! We will be returning in March for our honeymoon! Make sure to go to the beach party...so much fun. Congrats!
  7. Hi there, We used the Spoons semi private dinner as our welcome dinner. I have to say that the Spoons meal was one of the best that we had there and most of our guests said the same thing. It was even better than the Private dinner we had at our reception (we chose from the pick and choose menu). The area feels quite separate when they pull the curtains across and the servers were wonderful. Make sure to bring some extra money for tipping because they really deserve it. Also order a Spanish coffee because they put on a really awesome show at your table!
  8. You look so beautiful!!! Aweome pics Mwise17!!!
  9. Here is a pic of how ours was set up. We got the gold package and they cancelled the dinner cruise, so we got the large hanging corsages and rose petals instead. The bolt of fabric is not big and it is very light. Our meeting was on the day after we arrived at 1pm. It was 2 hours!!! After a night of celebrating our arrival, it was very long. lol Here are some things to consider: 1. Bring a copy of your final detail sheet!!! Not everything that we chose with our offsite WC (and paid for) was on their detail sheet (btw Maria our offsite WC was fabulous!!!) Luckily we had ours with us. You can make additions to your details when you are there. 2. Bring pics with you of how you want everything set up. Go through past brides planning threads on here and look for what you like and they will do it for you...at a cost for set up. 3. Have everything you bring for the wedding ready, as they want them asap. We left our maracas tags and seating umbrella cards until we got there. That took up a couple of hours after the meeting which wasted more of the day. 4. Ceremony script. We dropped the ball on this one. We had it all planned out and printed but needed to get it approved by the judge first to see if she would agree to make changes to the legal ceremony. Bring a zip drive with your ceremony script because you may need it approved. In the end, we added parts around the mexican ceremony script, but forgot to ask someone to read those parts for us...oops. Thankfully Veronica agreed to do read the extras but it would have been nice to have some friends or family read some of the other parts. 5. Have a seating chart available if you are doing a private reception...helps them set it up the way you want it (weddingwire.com has a great free one) We forgot about an MC too...lol ...luckily a friend agreed to do this for us at the last minute to keep everything flowing. Ask for a podium for speeches, we didn't think of this. 6. Have all your wedding songs typed out for the ceremony in the order you want them played. We had the playlists organized but didn't have the lists printed out...another oops! If you are having a private reception and are doing your own music with an ipod, have a list the first dance, father/bride dance, cake cutting song etc, printed out for the WC too. Veronica and Denise were very good!!! They listened to what we wanted and they were flexible. We ended up changing our Private Reception location the day before the wedding(from Zavaz Plaza to Zocalo Terrace) because the nights were so cool the week we were there. Zocalo Terrace (mexican restaurant) turned out to be great! (if you are having your wedding there, ask for more lighting...our pics were very dark) Hope this helps!
  10. carsns38

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    We bought our Paper Lanterns from Asian ideas. http://www.asianideas.com/lanterns2.html They have great prices, but they get you on the shipping/duty/taxes. They turned out great and they had quite a few colours and sizes to choose from. Sometimes certain colours are out of stock. Just keep checking in.
  11. carsns38

    Canadian Brides!!!!!!!!!

    The parasols and paper lanterns are now sold.
  12. Just a thought...you may want to bring your own sheers down with you...I am pretty sure it is $100 each for white sheer. Coloured sheers are more expensive. We bought a bolt of Organza from Idearibbon for about $35...very light too, easy to pack. The resort charges a set up fee for items you bring. They charged us $250 for set up but they did a great job. We had a lot of extras...sheers, chair sashes, maracas, photo booth, Thumb print guestbook, wedding favours, lanterns(which they put together for us).
  13. Reception dress for sale - size 8, David's Bridal Online - unaltered except for cups added(can be removed), so bra not needed - worn once, for two hours - great option to change into for dancing after the wedding - very comfortable, has hidden pockets for kleenex and lipstick - sash sold separately - contact me if interested - shipping not included
  14. Thanks murmel! Thanks so much Mwise17! I don't really feel any different, except when I say my husband...lol. That's a great feeling! H