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  1. Saku (Wedding Cancun by LATIN ASIA) Did an amazing job on the decor and flowers at our wedding!! A handful of the photos she posted were from my wedding. I loved working with her!!! She was so helpful and honest with everything Use her if you want great prices, beautiful options, someone who is very easy to work with, and someone who responds back quickly! Thanks again Saku -Amy (3-30-12 hacienda tres rios)
  2. Novideostill...It'sbeenayear.Theyhaveemailed,butIstilldon'thaveavideoorevenanonlinelink
  3. Nope:( it's been 11 months and they are not responding to my emails now either
  4. Now it has been 10 months since my wedding and still no video. So frustrating and disappointing!
  5. It's been 9 months since my wedding, and we dont have a video from Mediamorfosis either
  6. It has been 9 months since my wedding, and I dont have a video yet either.
  7. Hi! I used these table numbers for my beach wedding and they are in perfect condition. They are super cute wooden signs with burlap nailed to one side. I have numbers 1-10 and if you need more just let me know. I originally paid $95 (with shipping) for these I also have sea shells that serve as escort card holders/ place cards/ name holders as they have horizontal slots in them. They are spray painted silver and are made from real sea shells. I have about 80 of them. I will count exactly how many I have if you are interested. I originally paid $100.50 (with shipping) for these as well. Again if you want more let me know. Let me know what you want to pay for them, and I can ship both or either of them to you if its a fair price. I still have them as of 2/11/13, so let me know if you're interested.
  8. Here is a photo of our dance floor/reception space & our fun first dance! By: Samuel Luna I LOVED having the reception by the pool!! SO much fun, we even jumped it at the very end of the night!!
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