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  1. In my opinion, I like the ivory one. But you'd better not put the white shirt with the ivory dress, for it indeed will look a bit dirty. hehe
  2. I found a few dresses in the http://www.whatabeautifullife.com for the dresses in the site are either gorgerous or not that expensive, I think you can finally find the prefer one there.
  3. wow!!how beautiful your flowers are! Are they lilies if I guess it right? I like this kind of flowers very much!!
  4. I like this kind of wedding dresses. http://www.whatabeautifullife.com/A01-sweet-satin-lace-sleeveless-a-line-sweep-2011-bridal-dress-p3116.html maybe it's the kinda dress that you are saying as the traditional ones? anyway, I think this kind of dress will be more beautiful with it's mermaid train.
  5. I plan to have 5 friends to be the BMs and since I like pink, I have found this dress in the site after my googling it. And it is really not that expensive and pretty good. http://www.whatabeautifullife.com/A02-romantic-strapless-empire-waist-sash-satin-bridesmaid-dress-p9470.html girls, how do you think of this dress? Will it be OK if I have all my BMs wearing it?
  6. I think the corset back is better!! for it may looks more slim
  7. You can use both the express delivery way or just using UPS. I have used, quite good.
  8. ninomeya


    hey, I'm new here too. Nice to meet u all here!!
  9. I'm also new here!! Nice to meet u all here!!
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