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  1. Hi Brides, I'm doing the final check of what have I not thought of yet... Guest books! We are hoping that mother nature will be kind and that we'll be having the dinner and that part of the reception on the beach; dancing at the club later. Has anyone out there DONE the beach buffet? If you did, did you do a guest book? Also, did you do the first dance? Or the daddy/daughter dance or the mother/son? Just trying to figure out how that all works out on the beach. Official countdown says 4 months and 18 days. Thanks everyone! Carly
  2. Good Morning Brides! My FI and I are getting ready to book and it's really hard from, the website, to figure out which picture of the rooms belong with which rooms. Does anyone who is back now have pictures of the Honeymoon Suite? Or any other rooms? Also, first dance, daddy/daughter dance, mom/groom dance - did you do those after dinner still in the restaurant or did you try to get the club to play slower songs? Just trying to work those little things out in my head. Thanks to all the brides that come back and post for all of us who are anxious, excited, and day dreaming about when it's our turn... Carly
  3. Shelly, Program fans? I'm intrigued. What a fabulous idea. Do you mind posting a picture? Or is there a link where you got the idea from? I still have over a year but I love gathering these great ideas. Thanks, Carly
  4. CONGRATULATIONS! Dress shopping is overwhelming. I'm so happy that you found 'The Dress' that everyone talks about. Tears are definitely a good thing here. And the look on his face when he sees you... So awsome!
  5. car2012

    Dreams August/Sept 2012

    Hi - I'm nervous too. Not so much about possible hurricanes... I'm recommending that everyone attending gets insurance, just in case (they'll pay to move you to a different location.) I'm more worried about the dress. I just went dress shopping and I fell in love with one that has a satin underlay. How unbearably hot is it going to be in a satin dress? I'm going to keep shopping but does anyone have any thoughts when it comes to fabric? Also, I think that we are going to do a "wreck the dress" the following day. Does anyone recommend a good local photographer in addition to the one with the package? Thanks!! So excited!!! Carly
  6. Hi ChiStine, We are officially booked for Sept 3, 2012. So we'll be there at the same time! I'm excited and nervous about booking site unseen. I do have one question for the newly wedded. I was dress shopping this past weekend. Did anyone end up too hot in their dress? Any thoughts on fabric? I fell in love with one that has a satin underlay... will I die of heat? Thanks everyone!