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  1. I've booked St. James Antigua for January 2012! So far so good...wanted to keep the price fairly reasonable for our guests but took a lot of the more affordable countries off our list, so that was our best option. Price is good for the guests and the wedding planner has been great so far, although we are still in the very early stages. If anyone has suggestions for florists would be much appreciated.
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    2012 Indian Bride

    Hi everyone - I am so happy to have found this thread! I am white Christian and my fiance is Punjabi Sikh - for our ceremony we are going to try and keep it non denominational but since tranditionally non denominational is a lot more like a Christian ceremony we want to try and incorporate some Sikh traditions in. Can you give me some pointers of some easy things to do? I have been searching online but all I can really find are quite religious and are more about the wedding in the temple, not easily translated into a destination wedding. A friend of mine has suggested flower garlands but pretty sure that is Hindu. Just looking for some traditions to incorporate into the ceremony and/or reception would be greatly appreciated!
  3. I was having an issue with the cost continuously changing in my cart on their site, I called customer service and told them the lowest price that it had showed and they honoured that price. I think the best bet is just to call them once your order is ready to be sure - they are very helpful.
  4. Googling doesn't seem to give me the info I need - we don't want a religious ceremony and most info is based around the actual religious ceremony. Looking more for the cute little traditions from someone who knows! Thanks so much for the envelope info!
  5. I'm a newbie in Toronto! Just engaged July 9th, booked St James Antigua for January 2012! I'm planning myself too - I've already got quite a bit done - got the group rate with the travel agent and sent out to all guests - have 14 guests booked! Have also drafted the passport invites - info from this site was really helpful with that and I used the Aylee template. Also did reply postcards from vistaprint.ca just waiting for them to come in the mail! May seem kind of weird to do the email and then send out invites and maybe it is but I just had to get the process started so I wasn't in such a panic! Still sending out the invites to those who have booked or who haven't yet. Right now working on finding envelopes for the invite packages. I'm a Canadian Girl marrying a Canadian/Punjabi Sikh boy so any advice from anyone who knows ANYTHING about Sikh wedding traditions I can incorporate into my ceremony/reception would be very appreciated I know that's a long shot! If anyone wants my more detailed templates to work with please message me - I had to do quite a bit of work to get them formatted and the marketing coordinator from my office really helped too!
  6. www.shopstyle.com is a great site to get ideas for both shoes and dresses - I'm not much of a shopper so online is my preference. They have tons of selection...
  7. Thanks for the advice! I think I'm going to skip the actual invites but get working on a passport style itinerary/resort info to put in the OOT Bags. May try to deliver/mail the OOT bags prior to the wedding - any thoughts on that? Would probably cost about the same as having them shipped to the resort I would think - I can personally deliver most of them.
  8. I am a very new January 2012 Bride! Just got engaged a few weeks ago...a little intimidated with everyone who has had so much more time to plan! Just booked St James in Antigua with our TA, guests are booking as we speak! A little overwhelmed with how much I need to do - I'm thinking since I just sent an email for people to put down the deposit and get started the actual invitation would go to those who are confirmed and be a little package of info for the resort? Or is that wrong - should everyone get an invite?
  9. Hello! I'm new to the site, but planning a quick destination wedding in January - would love if someone could provide a template want to get started as soon as I can! jenniferjoynt@hotmail.com thanks so much!
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